League of Legends

The battle in the LPL Spring standings is intensifying with several teams vying for the top spot. Two of those teams, JD Gaming and RNG, are in action in Friday’s scheduled games. We break down potential inclusions from each position for your fantasy roster.

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Kanavi ($11,100)
As captain, he may be a slightly left-field selection but there’s no reason he can’t provide another solid offensive display. In JD Gaming’s series against Vici, he participated in 32 of 44 kills, with a combined KDA of 17/4/15. Those 17 kills were a team high. Overall, his KDA ratio of 7.04 is sterling for a jungler, built on 7.64 assists and a low death rate of 1.64.

Other to consider for captaincy: Loken ($11,700)


Langx ($6,600)
Currently, Langx is averaging a KDA of 5.88, which is fairly commendable for a top laner. He has an extremely high kill participation rate, majorly on account of his assists (7.1 per game). He had a combined KDA of 13/1/12 in his team’s comfortable sweep of Team WE in their previous series. That kill participation rate of 71.4% (25 of 35) has almost been mirrored through this split.

Other to consider: 705 ($6,000)


XLB ($7,000)
Considering RNG’s prowess this split, it might be prudent to pack your roster with potent weapons from that team. XLB fits the bill nicely. He isn’t overly expensive and he averages 70.2 DKFP, behind only Kanavi for junglers available for selection. He averages 3 kills and 2.3 deaths, which is strong for a jungler. He improved his split assists average to 6.8 after a terrific performance against WE, in which his 22 assists comfortably led RNG.

Other to consider: Xx ($6,600)


Scout ($6,400)
For a mid laner to have a kills rate of 3.17 is a bit underwhelming because they are expected to be the most aggressive weapons in an LoL team. Yet, Scout has contributed in other avenues to maintain a KDA of 4.55. He will, undoubtedly, want to improve upon that kill participation rate going forward but for now, his affordable salary tag is an attractive proposition.

Other to consider: Xiaohu ($7,800)


Loken ($7,800)
This is arguably the hardest selection in this slate because picking either Loken or Betty ($8,000) would mean leaving the other one out. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad move to consider one of these two to be your Captain’s pick to allow yourself the opportunity to pick both. If you had to pick one, Loken has a higher KDA (13.91), he is averaging under one death per game (0.79) and is $200 cheaper than Betty. Subtle differences but they could make a big difference.

Other to consider: Betty ($8,000)


Lvmao ($5,800)
Lvmao has the highest DKFP average among all support options in this slate (66.1 DKFP per game). He is averaging 10.21 assists per game, which puts him fifth in the Spring Split. A KDA of 5.67 provides a high return on an investment of $5,800 on him. His support consistency has held JD Gaming in good stead right through the season.


JD Gaming ($5,400)
JD has quickly catapulted up the Spring standings, overtaking both eStar and Invictus Gaming to occupy the top spot. They have a 5-1 series record and an 11-3 games record, with a 79% win rate. They average the same DKFP per game as Royal Never Give Up ($5,800, 53.8 DKFP), but are also $400 cheaper.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.