League of Legends

Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix are back in action at the League of Legends Pro League in Thursday’s fixtures. Here’s a look at some players to consider from each position.

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Doinb ($12,000)
Doinb has been at his aggressive best over the last few weeks in the LPL. He is coming into this series on the back of a sensational offensive display in a series sweep of WE. He had a 13/0/11 KDA in that series; his 13 kills were a team-high and he wasn’t killed. Overall, he has a KDA ratio of 4.6 this split, with 5.46 kills and 6.92 assists.

Played previous series: Yes (March 17 vs. Team WE)

Other to consider: Lwx ($11,700)


TheShy ($6,200)
Although consistent through this season, TheShy didn’t have a great series against Rogue Warriors. He finished with 11 kills and 28 assists; his kill participation of 39 was second highest in Invictus. He will be pleased with his split average of 7.6 assists, but 4.8 deaths are fairly high. He has a chance to improve on that against LGD.

Played previous series: Yes (March 15 vs. Rogue Warriors)

Other to consider: GimGoon ($6,600)


Peanut ($6,600)
LGD hasn’t enjoyed this split yet as a 3-6 games record will attest to. However, it’s hard to underplay confidence and momentum. Peanut helped LGD register an upset win in its previous series against Top Esports. He had 40 of 45 kills, with the highest kill participation for LGD. Overall, Peanut has a KDA ratio of 3.48, built over a high assists average of 7.33.

Played previous series: Yes (March 15 vs. Top Esports)

Other to consider: Beishang ($7,200).


Angel ($7,000)
Angel is averaging 85 DKFP this split, which is behind only Doinb among mid laners available for selection this slate. That average was lifted after another sterling performance against Bilibili Gaming. He wasn’t killed and had a kill participation rate of 85.7% (30 of 35 kills). His consistency has been hard to match, with a KDA ratio of 7.43 built on a K/D/A of 5.89/1.56/5.67.

Played previous series: Yes (March 14 vs. Bilibili Gaming)

Other to consider: Rookie ($7,600)


Puff ($8,200)
To average nearly 100 DKFP is a staggering achievement because it requires remarkable offensive prowess and unparalleled consistency. Puff is averaging 95.4 DKFP, built on just those characteristics. He is averaging 6.3 kills, the highest in the entire split, not just players in this slate. He led Invictus in kill participation in their previous game, with a K/D/A of 30/9/13.

Played previous series: Yes (March 15 vs. Rogue Warriors)

Other to consider: Lwx ($7,800)


Crisp ($5,200)
If you have the budget for a slightly expensive support player, Crisp will fit nicely into your roster. He led the cruise against Team WE in their previous series with performances of 1/2/10 KDA and 0/1/12 KDA in the sweep. His combined 22 assists comfortably led FunPlus. He is averaging 10.77 assists per game, which is second-best in this Split, behind Southwind’s 11 assists.

Played previous series: Yes (March 17 vs. Team WE)

Other to consider: Southwind ($5,800)


Invictus Gaming ($5,800)
Led by a strong roster that includes Southwind, Puff, TheShy, Ning and Rookie, Invictus have an unbeaten series record this split (4-0). Their games win rate of 80% (8-2) is the best in the entire LPL so far. eStar has won more series (5-1), which is why they lead the standings, but it won’t be long before Invictus displace them as the best team in this Spring Split.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.