League of Legends

DraftKings’ slate from the League of Legends Pro League includes three games, with third-placed JD Gaming in action. We take a look at some fantasy targets from each position.

Set your lineups here: LOL $60K Titan’s Fury [$20K to 1st]


Loken ($12,000)
A viable strategy for picking captains could be to just choose the best player available for selection, irrespective of the price. The reason is simple. The trade-off between a lower average salary and the additional 0.5x fantasy points is firmly in favor of the latter. Loken is the most expensive player on this slate but he is also the highest points accumulator, at 90.6 DKFP per game. Hence, that strategy could make a substantial difference.

Other captains to consider: Kanavi ($11,100), Yagao ($11,700)


Kingen ($5,200)
Zoom ($5,800) might have been the best option for top laner, but he won’t be participating in this game. As a result, it could be an opportunity to pick a cheaper player to improve your average remaining salary per player. Kingen has been decent, with 2.64 kills and 3.43 assists. It’s not spectacular but that comes with the territory for a top laner, literally.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kingen is not in the starting lineup Wednesday.

Others to consider: 705 ($6,000)


Kanavi ($7,400)
With Loken and Kanavi in terrific form, JD Gaming is quickly climbing the LPL standings. Kanavi has kept his death rate quite low (1.75 this split) and has coupled that with a stellar aggressive display, which includes 4.17 kills and 7.42 assists during this Spring Split. He is averaging 84.5 DKFP, significantly above the next jungler in this slate, XX ($7,000, 57.4 DKFP).

Others to consider: Meteor ($6,400)


Knight ($7,400)
Top Esports have been a bit underwhelming this season, having won four of its nine games to date in this split. Knight has mirrored that performance. He has been subpar right through the season in comparison to his potential. He has a KDA ratio of 3.4, which is steady but not at the level he should be. This is an opportunity for Knight to improve on his average of just over 60 DKFP.


Asura ($7,600)
Another player with immense potential, but hasn’t quite stepped up yet in this split. As an AD Carry, he will not be too displeased with 5.91 assists. However, his kills average of 3.45 should probably be a bit higher and his deaths average of 2.09 should be lower. Subtle improvements in those statistics will make a significant upward spiral in his overall KDA ratio, which is currently at 4.48.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Asura is not in the starting lineup Wednesday.

Others to consider: Jinjiao ($6,400)


XinMo ($4,600)
Just like your captain, picking support players can also be a very strategic decision. Whether cheap or expensive, supports won’t have a lot of kills. If their assists are relatively close together, it can be a good avenue to save some of your salary for better selection elsewhere in your roster. XinMo is averaging 7.2 assists over 14 games for Bilibili Gaming, an indicator of consistency from the outset.

Others to consider: LvMao ($5,800)


LNG Esports ($5,400)
Backing LNG Esports is majorly because of the lack of prowess and depth in its opponent’s roster. Victory Five are placed last in the LPL standings, with a 0-4 series record and a 0-8 games record. LNG is decently positioned, at 10th in the standings, with a 2-2 series record. With a 5-6 games record, the team can use its momentum to capitalize on a stuttering V5.

Others to consider: JD Gaming ($5,600).

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.