League of Legends

We delve into some selections from each position from a two-game slate in Tuesday’s Pro League action, which locks at 5 a.m.

Set your lineups here: LOL $40K Titan’s Fury [$10K to 1st] (LPL)


Lwx ($11,700)
An AD Carry’s main role in a League of Legends team is to dish out the damage in any form with the help of any weapon. Among the ADCs in this split, not just those available for selection in this slate, Lwx has been one of the most influential players in that role, for FunPlus Phoenix. He has a steady KDA ratio on account of 4.36 kills and 5.82 assists. His efficiency reduces because he also has 2.36 deaths this split, but he is still worth his price.


Khan ($6,400)
Backing another player from FunPlus because they start this encounter as overwhelming favorites despite their subpar split record to date. Khan is averaging a stunning 89.2 DKFP this split, which is an extremely high return on investment considering his affordable price of $6,400. He is bound to improve on his KDA ratio of 3.14 as this split progresses. In the short term, that number might increase significantly as soon as Tuesday.


Beishang ($6,000)
Beishang is a purely budgetary pick to improve your average remaining salary per player. He is the most inexpensive selection among all junglers available for selection in this slate at $6,000. Over eight matches, he has averaged seven assists, which takes his KDA ratio well over three (3.26).


Doinb ($8,000)
This price is undoubtedly on the higher side, but from a fantasy perspective, return on investment will be the key performance indicator. He averages nearly 100 DKFP (96.5), unmatched and unparalleled in a competitive league like the LPL. The next highest points for any mid in this slate is Scout ($7,600). It’s implausible he will hit that average against Team WE but even if he comes close, the desired ROI is achieved.


Hope ($8,000)
If you’ve chosen another captain, then Lwx will fit nicely into this position. If not, Hope is a safe bet for ADC. Here’s why — he blends solid defense with an aggressive style of play, a rare characteristic in the LPL. He has averaged 5.11 kills and just 0.89 deaths in this split. That significant difference coupled with a steady average of four assists gives him a KDA ratio of 10.25, fourth best in the entire Spring Split in the LPL.


Ley ($4,200)
Another budget pick. Ley’s price is understandably low because he averages more than five deaths, which is far too high to derive significant value. However, he also averages 8.22 assists, taking his KDA close to two (1.79). His team, Rogue Warriors, hasn’t enjoyed any momentum or fluency during this split as is evidenced from their 3-6 record so far. However, Ley has remained a steady contributor despite their travails.


FunPlus Phoenix ($5,600)
If you’re looking for class, FunPlus Phoenix are a regular entrant in the League of Legends World Championships. If you’re looking for form, FunPlus Phoenix have won their previous two games after starting the split with two losses on the bounce. If you’re looking for personnel efficiency, they have the top four players in terms of average points in this slate (Doinb, Khan, Lwx and Tian). FunPlus will round off your roster nicely.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.