League of Legends

Action from the League of Legends Pro League resumes on Monday. We break down potential inclusions for your DraftKings roster from each position.

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Loken ($12,300)
Loken has had an outstanding season so far, by any standards. In just nine matches, he has racked up a sensational KDA of 20 (5.67 deaths, 5.44 assists and 0.56 kills). Yes, that KDA will come down as this spring split progresses, but that might still be worth his price considering how efficient he has been so far. He also has a win rate of close to 80% for his team, JD Gaming, which has won seven of nine games thus far.


XiaoBai ($6,200)
XiaoBai may not be the best choice to fill the top position, but he may be a worthy option. He has managed to accumulate 67.7 DKFP per game, which is noteworthy considering he has a K/D ratio of under 1 (3 kills and 3.33 deaths). His real value is derived from his assists of 6.92 which takes his KDA close to three, at 2.98.


Kanavi ($7,400)
Kanavi is ranked inside the top 10 in this LPL split in terms of KDA ratio efficiency. For a jungler to average 8.22 assists is commendable. He has been an inspirational addition to this largely successful JD Gaming team. His gold per match metric is also solid, currently at 371. Like Loken, he too has a 77.8% win rate.


Cryin ($7,800)
An easy choice to fill the mid position. Cryin has been sensational right from the outset of the split, led by his aggressive style of play. He has racked up an average of 5.25 kills along with 8.17 assists. Considering that modus operandi, it isn’t surprising that he has a KDA ratio of 7.8, which puts him sixth in the entire split. His average of 97 DKFP and an affordable price of $7,800 makes his selection a no-brainer.


iBoy ($6,600)
With some of these costly selections, price might be a worry to complete your roster. iBoy is priced at just $6,600, which is a direct result of a tough opponent in their upcoming game in JD Gaming. However, iBoy has surpassed his expectations with steady numbers. He won’t set the LPL stage alight, but numbers of 2.3 kills and 3.4 assists are solid for his price.


ShiauC ($5,600)
For a support player, the KPI is the number in the assists column, just because of their role in a League of Legends team. ShiauC averages 10.92 assists, which puts him third in the entire split. He has played an integral part of this successful campaign for eStar, which includes eight wins and four losses. If you have the budget for his inclusion, he could certainly be worth it because he isn’t even the most expensive player from this position.


eStar ($5,600)
Perhaps unsurprisingly, eStar are the top-ranked team in this Spring Split. They have a 4-1 series record to date and an 8-4 game record. They are coming into this game on the back of a loss in their previous game, which will leave them keen and determined to leave their losing streak at one. At $5,600, eStar is a safe selection.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.