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After a week off due to the coronavirus, the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) will return on Saturday as an online event. Here are some targets for the five-game slate.

Set your lineups here: LOL $150K Titan’s Fury [$50K to 1st] (LCS)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting lineups have not been confirmed and all players listed below are expected to play.


Zven ($12,300)
Even if Zven averaged numbers by his own lofty standards this season, there may have been a case to consider another player because of his expensive price. However, he has surpassed even his standards in this split so far. He has an astounding KDA of 19, majorly because he has averaged just 0.57 deaths per game, easily the lowest in the entire LCS. His 4.57 kills and 6.29 assists are quite stellar too.

Other to consider: Nisqy ($11,400)


Ruin ($6,000)
Hidden among this split’s top laners is Counter Logic Gaming’s Ruin. His KDA of 2.58 won’t set the LCS stage alight, but that’s not his role. He has been steady and consistent right through this season, helping out his teammates with an average of five assists per game. His split average of 18.9 DKFP is third among all top laners.


Santorin ($7,000)
Santorin is currently averaging 2.14 kills, a metric he would like to improve on as this LCS progresses. However, he makes up for that with contributions for his teammates. He is averaging 6.29 assists, fairly high for a jungler, which takes his overall KDA to 3.37. With Blaber available, Santorin isn’t the most obvious jungler but he’ll put in another solid performance.

Other to consider: Blaber ($7,600)


Nisqy ($7,600)
Nisqy’s death rate is rather surprising. Considering mid laners are the most aggressive players, they are also prone to being killed often. Nisqy has the fourth-highest KDA ratio in the LCS (8.17), built around a terrific blend of aggression and defense. He has 3.64 kills, 1.29 deaths and 6.86 assists. For a mid laner, these are sensational numbers. His 28.1 DKFP average is highest for mid laners in the LCS too.

Other to consider: PowerOfEvil ($7,800)


Bang ($6,000)
Another player that has been underrated and undervalued in this split. His numbers reveal the reason. He is one of only three players in the LCS split to average under one death per game, apart from Zven and Vulcan. That gives him a KDA ratio of 10.55, second highest in the entire competition. To add to that, he is priced very reasonably at just $6,000.

Other to consider: Kobbe ($7,800)


Vulcan ($6,200)
If you have the budget, Vulcan is definitely the best choice for support. He is the only player in the LCS to average more than 20 DKFP per game, which is currently at 21.1. He has the third-highest KDA ratio in the LCS with 10.46. As a support player, his role is to help his team-mates out of precarious situations. He does that better than any other player in the LCS with an assists average of 8.79, easily the highest in the split.

Other to consider:Zeyzal ($5,000)


Evil Geniuses ($4,600)
Ideally, Cloud9 would be your first-choice pick but it’s entirely plausible that your average salary remaining won’t allow that. In that case, Evil Geniuses is a worthy option. EG has split their 14 matches in the LCS to date, tied for fourth in the Spring standings. They will be up against Team Liquid, who are on a two-game losing streak that has seen them slip to seventh.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.