Mookie Alexander


Mookie Alexander joined the writing staff in July 2012, and became an associate editor in February 2015. In addition to his passion for MMA, he’s also an avid fan of football (go Seahawks!), basketball, track and field, soccer, boxing and a casual follower of ice hockey and tennis. Mookie can be reached on Twitter at @mookiealexander.

Steve Buchanan


Steve Buchanan hails from the Boston area and attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Steve has a huge passion for fantasy baseball and football and will talk about it to almost anyone, even if they don’t care. Steve’s career highlights include playing in a media hockey game at Fenway Park, where he was crushed into the boards by former New England Patriot Tight End, Jermaine Wiggins.

Pearce Dietrich


Pearce is a huge NASCAR fan, but he’s not the typical NASCAR fan. He’s much more into the analytics of the sport than the lifestyle, and nothing escapes his irreverent approach to life. He’s covered Fantasy NASCAR for several websites over the last three seasons.

Julian Edlow


Julian Edlow is a Boston based sports journalist and personality. Prior to contributing to the DraftKings Playbook, DKTV and DK Live, he covered the Boston Celtics as a blogger/reporter for, and His work has also appeared on and Since contributing to DK, Julian has covered both news and DFS related topics across all major sports. You can find his NBA, NFL and MLB articles on the DK Playbook. Julian also serves as an analyst on the DK Live app, where you can find his work covering up to the minute injury and lineup news. In addition, he’s been a personality on DKTV, hosting brief DFS segments, along with analyzing slates and reporting news on DK Pre Lock Live.

Greg Ehrenberg


Greg is a former stand up comedian who quit telling jokes to pursue a career in the world of DFS. He starting playing fantasy sports in 6th grade. Outside of contributing to the DK Playbook and DK Live, Greg also writes basketball content for Basketball Monster and co-hosts a baseball DFS podcast called “Foul Balls.”

Timothy Finnegan

Tim Finnegan has been contributing for DK Playbook since 2017 but spends the majority of his time working with the DK Live app, where fantasy owners receive up to the minute daily fantasy news and analysis. Tim previously wrote at Baseball Prospectus, focusing on fantasy baseball.

Stephie Haynes

Stephie Haynes has been a member of MMA media since late 2005. She has hosted several popular podcasts including a 5 year stint with TapouT Radio and currently hosts the fan favorite show, The Three Amigos Podcast. She has written for both print and online media and has been a staff writer for since April, 2012. Stephie used to contribute to, and she now contributes to the DraftKings Playbook.

Matt Kalish

Matt Kalish is Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of DraftKings, a leading Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) destination that has become the fastest-growing company in the industry since its launch in 2012. Kalish, a lifelong fan of real-time fantasy and strategy games, combined his experience in corporate analytics and e-commerce to become the “game master” of DraftKings. In a short span, he has led his team to go beyond the industry standards of football, basketball, and baseball, breaking new ground in NASCAR, golf and mixed martial arts DFS.

Adam Levitan


Adam spent the previous six seasons covering football for Rotoworld. He won the Fantasy Sports Writers Association award for Best Series in both 2009 and 2011, and ESPN’s overall fantasy football title in 2000. He began focusing on DFS in 2014, and became a leading contributor through note-worthy columns and on-air work.

Adam will be headlining a brand new podcast and contributing daily to the Playbook and DKTV.

Armando Marsal


Born and raised in Miami, FL., football has been a part of Armando’s life since before he could remember. He has been participating in fantasy football leagues for the past ten years and began his journey as a fantasy football writer in 2009, when he launched my own website. Armando currently writes for a couple of sites. His goal is to provide readers with the most accurate information possible to help them succeed in their leagues.

Andy McNamara


Andy’s been passionately following the NFL for as long as he can remember. As a sports TV/radio host, play-by-play broadcaster and writer for over 12-years, Andy has turned his passion for fantasy football into a career at TSN in Toronto. He hosts the NFL fantasy show “TSN 4-Downs,” is a fantasy football guest analyst across Canada on TSN Radio and wrote fantasy columns for Andy is a FSWA member and also a die hard Browns fan…but don’t hold that against him.

Ryan Noonan


A New England transplant now in Chicagoland, Ryan covers both DFS & season-long MLB & NFL for TheFantasyFix and Sporting News. His weekly Baseball Fix and Football Fix Podcasts can be found on ITunes, Stitcher, or Also, he can still run a sub 5 40-yard dash. Follow him on Twitter, @RyNoonan.

Alex Rikleen

Alex Rikleen is a former math teacher who left education to pursue his life-long dream of becoming an analyst for a hobby he picked up as an adult. He started covering fantasy sports for RotoWire in 2013 and has been a Fantasy Sports Writers Award finalist. He’s a Boston native and a Boston College graduate.

Zach Thompson

Zach has been playing fantasy sports since he was in high school on the island of Guam when he totaled up the fantasy football scores each Tuesday from the box scores in the newspaper. He covered fantasy football, baseball, basketball, hockey and golf for the FanSided network for eight years before contributing to DK Live and the DraftKings Playbook. He currently lives in Central Massachusetts where he enjoys time with his family and works in photography and video production when not engulfed in all things DFS. Zach is a huge Boston sports fan, but he’ll find DFS value from any team, even if it is the Yankees.

Geoff Ulrich


Geoff Ulrich hails from Canada, and he focuses most of his spare time on Daily Fantasy Sports, with an eye on Daily Fantasy Golf, Football and Hockey. His username is wavegoodbye on DraftKings. He writes weekly previews and strategy articles focusing on Daily Fantasy Golf to help his readers decipher the important statistics and trends in a given week. He enjoys mocking NFL coaching decisions, watching golfers choke under pressure and pretty much everything about daily fantasy sports.