Joining DraftKings in the site’s infancy in 2012, underjones has been a consistent top performer across multiple sports. Anyone who has played on DraftKings has probably come across the multi-sport whiz at some point, taking away some lineup building lessons.

Although a force in the day-to-day game on DraftKings, underjones has never won a marquee championship event. For the first time, underjones can grab his share of the limelight after advancing to the L.A. Grand Final on the back of a historic Antonio Brown performance.

DK username: underjones
Hometown: New Jersey
Favorite NFL Team: Titans
Most memorable DFS moment: 2015 DK FFWC

In San Diego, underjones had to be surprised to see Antonio Brown as the lowest owned player on his squad. As the early games concluded, players like Charcandrick West and Devonta Freeman put up solid if not unspectacular games, and underjones knew he would need some help from Brown and Demaryius Thomas. As Brown racked up one of the best overall performances of the season, the normally demure underjones began to cheer loudly. When the dust settled, the veteran found himself tied for 6th overall, clinching his seat at the table in L.A. He has his work cut out for him to take down first place CONDIA, but he is “shooting for anywhere in the top 3”.

While he may approach sports as a business now, he grew up learning sports from his father. Underjones was deeply invested in his favorite sports as a fan, but when he got a full time job in the finance world he had to give up some of his fandom. “I didn’t have as much time to watch the games, but I was still very interested, especially in the analytical side…working in finance, it meshed well together”

Sports analytics was a hobby at first, but for underjones, it slowly started to become more of a real career. “I was watching less sports than I did growing up, but I got more into the numbers aspect of the game.”

“Working in finance, it (DFS) kind of meshed well together.”

As underjones dove deeper into his passion, starting on DraftKings was a no-brainer. By turning his passion into success and profit, it’s no surprise underjones has flourished and become better season by season. He has a careful, analytical approach to selecting each player in his lineups, so it isn’t shocking to hear that he selected his username using an algorithm.

The DraftKings community will be watching in L.A. to see if this homegrown star can take down his first big event and prove that hard work pays big dividends.