To walk a mile in Juan Garibay’s shoes is to hustle. It means working seven days a week between two jobs and still finding time to research and build DraftKings lineups.

Although it would also mean having to decide which shoes to wear, because if you were to walk a mile in Garibay’s shoes, you’d have over 300 pairs to choose from. “I’d say people are shocked, that’s the first thing, ‘Oh my god I can’t believe you have so many shoes,’” Garibay said. “I’ve been collecting for over 15 years so it’s definitely taken time.”

DK Username: MileHighFever
Hometown: Denver, CO
Favorite NFL Team: Broncos
Most memorable DFS moment: Beating out over 34,000 people and winning my first MLB GPP in April of this year.

What started out as simply a middle schooler’s desire to sport the latest shoes like other kids in class turned into a life-long passion. In Juan’s modest three-bedroom home that he shares with his brother, one bedroom has become entirely occupied by shoes. The floor-to-ceiling display for his collection stands as a monument to Garibay’s dedication to being a collector.“The shoe room was always just stacked boxes and I had so much that I realized they need their own space,” Garibay said.

When he first started collecting shoes seriously, Garibay realized that he could scale his collection up quickly by selling extra shoes for additional income. That’s when he enlisted his friend Brandon to become his business partner.

Garibay was originally a devotee to the Jordan brand, searching for deals on as many models of Jordans in his size nines that he could find. But as he started to scale his buying operation Garibay expanded into the LeBron James models and beyond.“A pair of Yeezys resold for $1,300 and I got them for about $300,” Garibay said.

Profits like this are sweet for Garibay, but they are earned through hard work. “If he’s not busy at work he’s here doing something with fantasy or shoes,” Brandon said.After a full day at work, Garibay comes home each night, opens up his laptop and gets to work again, whether it be hunting for the next deal on a pair of shoes or doing the research to finalize his DraftKings lineups. On many nights, it’s both.

“I have a passion for sports so it’s like why not turn this passion into a profit?”

It’s with seemingly limitless drive that Garibay pursues his ambitions in fantasy sports. As a 12-year player of season long fantasy football, Garibay started playing DraftKings fantasy football and found quick success. Garibay, however, had set his sights higher.“The thing that drives me is just winning,” Garibay said. “I love to win. I have a passion for sports so it’s like why not turn this passion into a profit?”

Garibay began researching and playing NBA and MLB games once his bankroll could accommodate it. The hard work paid off as he went on to win first-place prizes in GPPs in both sports, Garibay proudly recalled.

Though Garibay’s passion for fantasy sports used to be independent from his passion for shoes, increasingly the two have become intertwined. “Reselling shoes has helped in my buying of other shoes and also helped build my [DraftKings] bankroll because I’m now able to have some extra cash to be able to transfer over and start playing bigger tournaments,” Garibay said.

It’s hard to tell whether a strong finish—even a first place win—at the Fantasy Football World Championships would affect Garibay’s DraftKings bankroll or his shoe collection operation. But judging by the scope of Garibay’s ambition, the answer is likely both. And then who knows where his big dreams will take him next.