FFWC Final 10: Saturday Recap

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FFWC Day 2: Saturday

Day 1 of the Fantasy Football World Championship brought the first two games of the Final.

The Patriots hosted the Chiefs in a game that brought plenty of fantasy points. Tom Brady had a great fantasy day but wasn’t used in any lineups. Rob Gronkowski caught 2 touchdowns totaling 27.3 fantasy points, and danny1234 was the only player to have him. This turned out to be crucial.

CONDIA started the day with a lead of more than 25 points. After getting 24.1 fantasy points from Julian Edelman in the first game, CONDIA was in a great spot. However, as the second game started (Packers vs. Cardinals), the tables turned. Randall Cobb went down in the first quarter of the game with a lung injury (he was on just three lineups – CONDIA, Stuckcee and underjones). He wouldn’t return. This guaranteed that CONDIA would have a zero in his lineup, opening the door for the rest of the competition to catch him.

And catch him they did. After Aaron Rodgers’ hail mary sent the game into overtime, Larry Fitzgerald’s heroics vaulted danny1234 and aejones into a virtual tie for first place – 12 points ahead of CONDIA. They’ll need a lot of help, though, as each has just three players remaining compared to CONDIA’s five.

FFWC Leaderboard

Leaderboard below is cumulative between Round 1 and scores from Saturday

More Photos from Saturday

The trophies were in the building for the Final 10 to think about as the first two games played out.

Welcoming the Final 10 and rolling out the red carpet, the stage has never been bigger.

Rockenraven always puts on a show, especially when the bright lights are on.

Huggins8168 and his crew watch the games anxiously. He jumped up the leaderboard early thanks to a huge game from Julian Edelman.

Danny1234 and his group celebrate a huge Saturday that saw him jump all the way into 1st place!

Dandydon, currently in fifth place, celebrates a big play on Saturday.

CONDIA watches Saturday’s contests as his lead slips away following the Randall Cobb injury.

Aejones gives the #1 signal after a big play. He’s not #1 yet but he is in 2nd place after Saturday.