FFWC Final 10: Friday Recap

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FFWC Day 1: Friday

The Final 10 landed in Los Angeles on Friday and arrived on a star-studded scene. It’s a business trip for the finalists but Friday was an opportunity to kick back a bit and relax before the final round of the FFWC starts on Saturday. There will be plenty to stress about with three $1M+ prizes on the line this weekend but Friday was a day to soak it all in and to do some really cool interviews.

Aaron Jones (aejones) arrives in Los Angeles to do some filming at FOX Sports.

On Friday afternoon the Final 10 headed over to the FOX Sports Studios to film some pre-event interviews. For most of the finalists this was their first trip to a marquee film shoot like this and the entire event added to the celebrity vibe that the Final 10 gives off. Each of the finalists has a unique story and the producers at FOX Sports brought them on to dig deeper into their incredible journeys.

The FOX Sports Studios are decked out for the Final 10 and the DraftKings FFWC.

The Final 10 arrive at the FOX Studios and get a chance to talk a bit with their competition in the FFWC finale.

Stuckcee, currently in 9th place, discusses what it will take for him to take down the $5M first place prize this weekend.

CONDIA has a large lead on the field after the first round but knows it will take everything he has to maintain it this weekend.

Huggins8168 made the trip all the way from Muncie, Indiana to take his shot at the $5M Grand Prize this weekend.

Cory315 is one of the best stories in the field and says his small town in Kentucky already considers him a hometown hero.