Dandydon is regarded as one of the best DraftKings players of all time. He’s made his mark in MLB, NFL, and PGA contests as a fearsome head-to-head opponent and tournament wizard.

Unlike many of his competitors, dandydon has been here before, qualifying for multiple DraftKings live finals. Despite his success, he has never won a live championship and means to change that in Los Angeles. Of all his career accomplishments, he is quick to say that qualifying for the final 10 has been the most satisfying. “It feels like an accomplishment in itself.”

DK username: dandydon
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Favorite NFL Team: Lions
Most memorable DFS moment: Advancing to the Final 10

In San Diego, dandydon jumped out early with a solid core of underutilized players. Relying on a stack of Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins, he put himself in qualifying position. As his competitors stormed up the leader board, dandydon held on to his second place grip in a heart pounding sweat. “It was just basically HOLD ON, and try and weather the storm, I was just trying to not get passed right at the end.”

Showing his fearlessness, dandydon relied on a core of sleeper picks, having three position players less than 10% owned by the field. All three, Amari Cooper, Tyrod Taylor and Jordan Reed, scored over 25 points. With so much on the line, fantasy players have to admire dandydon and his conviction in his player selection.

“It’s gonna be a great challenge.”

Coming into L.A. in second place, dandydon is not content to rest on his laurels. He wants to challenge for the top spot, where he will but heads with fellow DFS legend, CONDIA. “It’s gonna be a great challenge.”

The fantasy world will be anxiously waiting to see what hidden gems dandydon can uncover in his pursuit of $5 million dollars and the championship that could cement him as the best ever.