6’3” 242 lbs of pure determination and power, check please! Although the college football season is months away, Alabama running back Derrick Henry is already way way into the dog days of summer. Just straight up pushing F-150’s and lifting tires that look like they fell off Optimus Prime.

He’s doing this for fun! He loves it! I wonder if this means Nick Saban yells “THIS IS WHY YOU LIFT ALL DEM TIRES” for an entire season? Clearly whatever he’s doing is working in spades. Might not have all the NFL success in the world but Alabama does churn out beasts for their Crimson backfield. Check out D.H. in action…



That’s a man you never ever want to face in Oklahoma drill let alone a playing field. Oh and he’s got jokes too, GET EM DH!


You down to ride ? Lol

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