(AL) – Triple-digit temperatures didn’t keep the diehards from Alabama Fan Day on Sunday afternoon. They came, they watched and they ran. A few thousand fans took in the festivities before the 45-minute autograph signing session with players and coaches.



I do not envy the football players at U Alabama. Sure there’s the campus perks and the bigtime social life that come with being a scholarship player, but there’s also more pressure on a daily basis than most NFL players have.

And this isn’t football in Alabama, this is life. Autograph Run don’t lie…





I’m not saying they’re necessarily bad people; it’s just that they have a VERY special level of fandom I’m not too sure I could handle. Could you ever imagine letting one of these people down?
















That is a HARD pass for me. At the end of the day though, it is pretty comforting to know they’ll always have your back (sorta)