BCS Title wins aside there is no celebration quite like a wedding day.  It’s always special for everybody but generally it is the Brides day more than anyone.  She gets to pick every detail from seating arrangements to sock colors all while the groom has to be unflinchingly agreeable.  Well hats off to this groom for getting one for the gipper!

Lifelong Crimson Tide fan Robert Sabin had this cake made so he could ride into the sunset with true glory.  Also his wife to be was a Florida Gator so this must’ve been especially satisfying.  Way to stick it to her dude! Now cut that cake and see what greatness tastes like…



Oops just kidding she found out about the cake and had the inside colored Gator blue/orange.  It was a great volley Robert, really super attempt but as they always do the wife wins the wedding day.  Just be thankful she didn’t show you what color your insides are. Chomp Chomp ROLL TIDE!


{H/T to CollegeSpun}