Samuel L Jackson was giving the Oregon Ducks the BUSINESS over the weekend. BAMF was clearly not impressed by the Ducks 31-28 loss to Michigan State and especially disgusted by their 62-20 drubbing to Utah.

I couldn’t really figure out what team Samuel L roots for, aside from those rising Atlanta Falcons. Apparently he’s just a big fan of college football and an even bigger fan of lecturing/yelling someone to death.

After the Ducks recovered enough to at least get their wits about them, they responded with this..


Solid effort but I’m a little confused why they had Jackson yelling at the Duck the whole time, Oregon must just be a glutton for punishment now. Shouldn’t they have him get eaten by a shark or swallowed whole by a dinosaur or something terrible from their friends in the animal kingdom?

Maybe they can’t use The Force anymore now that Super Mariota has moved on?Regardless, they are so ducked.