If you’re not familiar, Rutgers Football knows how to get DOWN. Not against actual competition of course, but super intense West Side Story dance-offs. Those Scarlet Knights are all about the boot scoot n’ boogie and specifically the boogie part. Ice Cream truly is the great motivator of our time…

They love dancing so much they have a whole Club dedicated to it at Training Camp too. Coach Flood (real name) knows how to keep things cool in the Big Ten..

Welcome to Club Ice yo!





And that was OG Club Ice. Things got even cooler this year.. 100% credit to DJ Frankie Steel for that probably..





Maybe this is the year all Coach Flood’s crazy cool methods pay off, hopefully it’s not another 8-5 snoozer. Gotta imagine with moves like these dominating the field, SOMETHING good has gotta translate right?

All I know is, football players need to whip out #TheWorm SO MUCH MORE during Gamedays. Teach real intimidation for me one time Coach Flood!