It’s gonna be really tough to match the hate that fueled the Ronda Rousey-Bethe Correia fight in Brazil. Not saying that opponents should go around spiting the ghost of parents that committed suicide, but it definitely did take the interest level up a notch or two.

By all accounts Holly Holm is not only a super respectful opponent but also a very technical by the book fighter. So no shit talking, no whirlwind Tasmanian devil attack, not sure she even has any neck tattoos. How did the UFC let her in? GET WILD FOR ME ONE TIME HOLLY!

It’s good thing UFC 193 will actually be decided in the Octagon because otherwise it’d be all wrapped up right now. Ronda’s wearing dresses from Mortal Kombat and dominating the skinny arm like no one has before… even Holly’s just like yea don’t mind me I’m not planning on being here for long..







She’s not just limited to Sonya dresses or armbar tap-outs either. Rowdy Ronda has got some A+ College Football advice too…