Tis the season of College Football Legend Filled Commercials! AT&T has got their boys vying for Bo Jackson’s affection while the Heisman House is having crazy stuff going on all the time too. Worst thing you can do with an athlete is give them time to think about stuff, so having an ice cream truck on hand is such a championship move and clearly much needed…

Do you think RG3 begged everyone on set to let him stay there for the entire season? Maybe even do a cross promotion with AT&T and just head over to get yelled at by Bo. Can’t be any worse than existing daily in DC. Honestly if you gave Bob the option, would he choose Joe Theisman’s Redskins career over his?

Getting your leg snapped into painful little pieces seems like a welcomed sight compared to the current Synder Circus over there. Maybe BG3 can ask Joe while he hides stops by the Heisman House?





Even funnier than any reference to Robert Griffin’s career? Chuck Woodson and Eddie George battling it out for artwork positioning in the Heisman House.. AESCULUS GLABRA BRO!