“In the end when the hopes of the drought ending are dashed, the herd migrates south to Orlando where it will winter for the Captial One Bowl..”


I don’t have any SEC ties and I barely follow College Football, but even I know this is a perfect representation of life as a Georgia fan. They’ve had plenty of marginal success the past few years but just can’t quite get over that hump. Always ending up migrating to Orlando for the worst time ever.

It’s not totally their fault… with injuries to stars like Todd Gurley and Aaron Murray, the Bulldogs have definitely had some opportunities unfairly taken from them. But that’s also why nature is a never ending cycle with patterns that rarely change. Just like the video states, Georgia fans may have endless resilience but oh wow are they gluttons for punishment.





Hey Hotlanta at least you got one more year of full season Chubbs! It’s gonna be so awesome making him into Happy Gilmore meme’s in a couple of years