Interesting foray into the “Nature vs Nurture” debate here… was it the NFL genes of his daddy that helped him become a Heisman Finalist? Or was it all thanks to this cold night in Denver where Christian juked out a giant furry Bull and Bison and instilled in himself a confidence that could never be broken? I’m going with the latter.

The pedigree doesn’t hurt but good ol Ed McCaffrey was just a solid, consistent player. Christian is a walking highlight reel waiting to happen yo! If the mascot jukes didn’t make that clear than pulling out a sharpie to sign a TD ball certainly does. Swag since DAY ONE and the moves to back it up… it’s a dangerous combination and also the #1 ingredient for ELITE Vines. He really does love reverse-pitch plays more than anything though…

Somehow he’s better without the mascots on the field?

Get inside the mind of a Heisman Finalist with this 360 degree video of Christian on Gameday