You know what the craziest part of that whole play was? It wasn’t the snap or the botched kick or the time perfectly running off as Michigan State sped into the endzone… it was the freaking pigpile they celebrated with immediately after. Literally broke Jalen Watts-Jackson’s hip fam! I know Spartans have a history of celebrating their heroes in odd brutal ways but that was a WHOLE other level…

Definitely the last time Jackson is gonna try to catch an errant throw by a punter with 3 seconds left and run it in to win the game in the most incredible fashion possible too. All risk, NO REWARD. Although now he can rest up and finally get a chance to enjoy those halftime shows he’s probably been longing for oh so much. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch a Marching Band do an entire tribute to The Avengers and Spiderman? Even the director of Guardians of the Galaxy loves it!


And if nerd life doesn’t tickle your fancy than maybe some epic history will. Last night the UCLA and Cal bands reenacted the Trojan War to perfection, other than not actually massacring each other.

Loving the super subtle barb to USC too… there’s truly nothing better than kicking a Trojan Horse while they’re down/passed out from pure mash liquor.