Top Plays


Matt Davis $7100

It’s not often that I’ll set my sights on a player that is on a team that is a 21.5 point underdog, but here we are, and Matt Davis is my favorite QB of the week. I don’t think that Davis is going to be the highest scoring QB, but I do think that he’s going to be the best $/pt play and leaves us with plenty of salary space to build with. Memphis has been a mediocre defense at best, allowing 288 passing yards per game and 147 rushing yards per game, a number that is artificially low do to leading in most games, forcing teams to pass the ball. Davis is a dual threat QB with all the upside in the world, and I think he shows us something in this game.

Josh Rosen $7000

The Rosen One is at a really good price point and in a spot that’s good enough that he’s hard to pass up at such a discount. USC is a solid defense, but not good enough to scare me away from using Rosen for only $7000 this week. Rosen playing on the road doesn’t worry me, as some of his best game this year have come at Stanford and at Oregon State. USC is giving up 265 yards per game, but I think Rosen goes for over 300 yards in this one; pair that with 2-3 touchdowns and you’ve got a nice little game out of him.

Running Back

Derrick Henry $9100

Derrick Henry’s name has been building up a lot of Heisman buzz lately, and he’s very deserving of it. He has at least 2 touchdowns in 5 straight games, and has been over the 200 yard mark in 3 of those games (He only rushed for 68 yards last week because he only saw 9 carries in a blowout). Alabama is coming in to the Iron Bowl as a 2-touchdown favorite against an Auburn team that is already bad against the run, giving up just over 180 yards per game on the ground. If there was ever a time to pay up for an elite RB, it is now.

Wendell Smallwood $6700

If you’re still not on the Wendell Smallwood bandwagon, there’s probably no hope for you. Wendell has been crushing souls and amassing some wonderful fantasy totals, all while staying underpriced all year long. Smallwood has 3 games in which he scored less than 20 fantasy points, and they were all on the road against superior Big12 teams. Smallwood is in a very similar place to Derrick Henry, in that he’s facing a bad run defense as a 2-touchdown favorite. The game script should play nicely in favor of the underpriced Smallwood, vaulting him to being one of the top RB plays of the day.

Wide Receiver

Jordan Payton $6000

It’s kind of a weird day for wide receivers in that none of the normal top options are in a good enough spot to warrant playing in cash games. Part of the reason I like Jordan Payton so much is that we can pair him with Rosen and have a nice stack in a high scoring game, the other part is the lackluster USC secondary. As I mentioned earlier, the USC defense is far from being bad, but they’re targetable with the right price, which is exactly where Payton is sitting. He has 5+ catches in 8 straight games, several of those games against defenses much better than USC, and should easily be able to keep that streak going this week.

Chris Moore $5800

Moore has been on fire lately (all season), scoring 17+ fantasy points in 6 of his last 7 games. ECU isn’t the best possible matchup, but Cincy has a team total of 34.5 and climbing, making Moore a great play at his current price. Even in the most incompetent of games from the Cincy QB’s last week, Moore still corralled 6 catches for 131 yards and a touchdown. Let’s just hope the QB situation figures itself out so we can cheer on Moore for another 100+ yard game.

Top Values


Austin Appleby $5200

I’m not sure what to expect with Appleby’s ownership rates this week. He’s a cheap QB going against one of the worst pass defenses in the country, but it’s tough to tell with guys who aren’t very good/play on bad teams. However, I love Appleby this week and think he has a ton of upside in his second game back from a leg injury. He threw the ball 40 times against a really good Iowa defense and amassed 259 yards and a touchdown. If he gets to throw the ball 40 times against Indiana, which I think he should see something close to that, we just might get 300 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Travis Wilson $5900

Travis Wilson isn’t exactly what we would call a “competent passer” but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good DFS player. He’s going to run the ball ~15 times, which gives him a nice floor, especially against Colorado, a team allowing just shy of 200 rushing yards per game. Utah has a team total of 33 which isn’t bad at all, especially for a value QB. Joe Williams is going to be heavily involved in the offense as the lead running back and is a great play in his own right, but for a value QB, Wilson is a solid play.

Running Back

Joe Williams $5300

Williams is a bit more expensive than a normal value play, but I feel it’s necessary to have something about him in this article. He’s going to end up being the top $/point running back play on the day, and should be a staple in your lineups. As I mentioned earlier, Colorado is giving up just shy of 200 yards per game on the ground, and Williams should see at least 22-24 carries, giving him a nice floor. Williams also has alleged 10.5 100m dash speed, which is absolutely incredible if you know anything about track speed. Couple all of those factors with his ability to catch passes out of the backfield (4 catches last week) and you have yourself one monster of a player for a very cheap price.

Dare Ogunbowale $4300

It feels like we haven’t been talking about Ogunbowale as much recently, probably because Wisconsin’s offense is constantly on the struggle bus. However, I think this game bodes well for Ogunbowale’s success. Corey Clement isn’t going to play, let’s just face that fact, and Taiwan Deal has been getting faded out of the scene slowly by the week. This leaves just about all of the carries for Clement. Wisconsin is currently a 2.5 point favorite, meaning they won’t be forced to throw the ball nearly as much as in recent weeks. Minnesota is allowing 164 rushing yards per game, which isn’t incredibly bad, but it’s bad enough to target with a cheap runner like Ogunbowale, who I think rights the ship this week and has another solid game.

Wide Receiver

Jaylen Samuels $4400

Samuels is such an interesting player; he doesn’t really have one set position, he just kind of moves around the field and is used in many different ways. He’s 5’11” and 236 pounds, but he’s much faster than his stature would indicate. His versatility makes it hard for teams to gameplan against him, giving him a very nice floor every week. He normally sees something like 8 targets and 8 carries, all of which can come out of any package at any time in the game. He has 14 touchdowns on the year, so we know he can get in the end zone, raising his upside even more. However he needs to get the job done, he can do it, especially against this UNC defense.

DeAngelo Yancey $4100

I love love love Deangelo Yancey this week against the Indiana defense that is giving up 326 yards per game through the air. A few weeks ago against a very similar Nebraska defense, Yancey caught 5 passes for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns, which equates to what I think is a similar ceiling this week. Yancey is the only talented receiver on this Purdue team, and now he has his quarterback back and ready to feed him the rock. He caught 9 passes for 117 last week against a great Iowa defense. I can’t wait to see what Yancey does to this porous IU defense.


Indiana (-7) vs Purdue O/U 68.5

I love it when Indiana plays against mediocre football teams. Their offense is good enough to put up solid points and their defense is so horrendous that even teams like Purdue can score 5 touchdowns. Jordan Howard is dealing with a knee injury he suffered last game, and may not be available this week. If that is the case, Devine Redding is in play at his current price tag, and makes for a nice value play. If Howard does play, he’s obviously a great option. Sudfeld and his favorite wide receiver Simmie Cobbs are also great plays in their own ways, and I’ll make sure to have some exposure to them as well.

On the Purdue side of things, I’ve already raved about Austin Appleby and DeAngelo Yancey as two of my favorite plays. Purdue also has a stud RB in Markell Jones for only $5500. If the game can stay close, Jones could be another great RB option in a slate filled with them.

Underowned QB/WR Pair

Joel Lanning/Allen Lazard – Iowa State

Joel Lanning just might be the real deal. He’s light years better than Sam Richardson, and it’s helping everyone in that offense. Lazard is finally living up to expectations, with three straight 16+ point games. I’m not expecting this combo to combine for 54 points like they did last week, but something like 45 out of the two of them wouldn’t surprise me at all in what I think will be a much closer game than Vegas is projecting (WVU -14).

Yellow Light

Cincinati QB’s (Hayden Moore & Gunner Kiel)

Gunner Kiel got benched last game after coming out and putting on a very mediocre performance. Hayden Moore came in and did pretty much the same thing en route to taking a beating from a less-than-talented USF team. This week, the Cincy QB’s are in a good spot with a high team total, a close spread, and a solid matchup, but I don’t want any part of it. At this point, it’s impossible to tell who will start, and if they do start, how long their leash will be for making stupid little mistakes which are inevitable out of both players. I want exposure to this game, but I’ll be finding it somewhere else.

Depth Chart News

Jordan Howard – RB Indiana

Howard left last week’s game with a knee injury – his status is currently unkown. If he plays, he’s a great option. If he sits, Devin Redding becomes a solid value play.

Devin Fuller – WR UCLA

Fuller suited up and went through warmups last week, but did not play. I expect him to play this week, but I really doubt he does a whole lot. Jordan Payton is still the WR to own in that offense.