One of the best part about playing on DraftKings is the second quarterback slot. There is a huge edge to gain over your opponent by making the proper second choice with your quarterbacks. Once again, it is best to approach this spot differently depending on what kind of contest you’re playing in.

There are a few traits you will want to look for when selecting you quarterbacks. Several of these traits apply to most players but they’re worth mentioning again. Make sure your quarterbacks each fit at least one (preferably more) of these traits:

– High scoring offense (projected Vegas total of at least 35)
– Pass heavy offense (~40 or more passes)
– Rushing QB (~8 or more rushing attempts)


Cash Games

This is all relative to each week, of course, but it is generally a good idea to do one of two things with you quarterback spots in cash games: pay up for one and go cheap at the other, or find a good balance of two mid-tier guys. Ideally, there will be enough options in a given week that you will be able to have the choice of which strategy to employ. Obviously, there will be weeks when it’s best to go with two cheap guys or attempt to pay up for two top-tier players while going cheap elsewhere, but typically, one of the afore mentioned strategies will be optimal.

If you choose the “star and scrub” route, there are two things you need to ask yourself: is the cheaper player safe enough for use in cash games? And does the top-tier player have the upside to make up for the possible deficiencies of the cheap player? If the answer to both of these is yes, you’re good to go. When taking this route, look to spend around 8-10 thousand on your top-tier QB, and approximately 5-6 thousand on your cheaper player; this should give you a nice balance for the rest of your roster. As always, make sure your cash game roster is full of consistent players with high floors.


As we’ve discussed multiple times now, tournament strategy is much less structured due to trying to maximize upside while still being a bit contrarian. Instead of looking to be incredibly structured with the price of your players, look to maximize the upside of the players you do select. Look for quarterbacks who might be volatile from week to week, but that have the ability to break a long run and score or risk a top-tier player going up against an above average defense. Great quarterbacks are great for a reason; they have the ability to go for a big game against even the best defenses, and thus make great tournament plays even in bad matchups, especially if they seem underpriced relative to their talent level.

Another viable tournament strategy is to pay up for both quarterbacks. I’m talking Treyvon Boykin and Marcus Mariota on the same team and all but punt everywhere else. The incredibly expensive quarterbacks are generally not incredibly high owned due to how difficult it is to make the roster work with their price tags. Certain weeks it is easier due to a mispriced player or a cheap player in a great matchup, but most weeks it makes for a solid contrarian strategy.

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