That’s DeVonte M. Wilson, likely the starting running back for the Kansas Jayhawks this season. If I’m a player in the Big 12 pretty sure I’m shaking in my little cowboy booties right now.

Not only is he jumping all over like a parkour wizard but dude is getting big swoll like Bane up in those there mountains too…





And of course he runs sprints like a gazelle and can do one handed backflip catches too..





Let’s highlight that vertical one more time though… Was he the dude James Bond chases in the beginning of Casino Royale? Got a feeling DeVonte is gonna be making alotta people sing ROCK HAWK JAYHAWK this season..





If Rich Rodriguez canceled practice on this baller pretty sure he’d spit in Rich Rod’s face, jump over the gatorade cooler, and start pushing cars for sport in the parking lot. That’s a player I want under scholarship/doing espionage for sure.