Alabama’s Alpha Phi recruitment video made the world go crazy a few weeks ago, with many people deeming it “too hot” for life. There are some mighty fine Southern Belles in there for sure but all they did was run around a field and blow glitter everywhere. The most offensive thing in the video was the Tootsie Roll floatie and the fact that I don’t own one yet. LEAVE ALPHA PHI ALONE!

Thankfully Puddles, the mascot for the Oregon Ducks, is here to calm everyone down and show us what a true “too hot FO LYFE” montage looks like.


Cue the tape!


Cue the glitter!



Cue the Duck!





I’d give an Alpha Phi bid to Puddles everyday of the week and twice on Thirsty Thursday. Realizing now how I need so much more glitter/Alabama Sorority girls in my life. Oh to be young/a duck mascot…



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