The Rocket is back baby! Jusssst enough time/other scandals have passed and now everyone can sort’ve forget about how lame Roger Clemens was at the end of his career. Between the “yea sure I’ll come out of retirement to pitch in August give me all the money!” 4 years running and his overall lack of EVER owning up to any steroid allegations, rooting for the Rocket recently has not been easy.

Thankfully the Texas Longhorns Network knew the perfect way to get him back in the public’s favor…DUNK TANKS! Granted he doesn’t understand how they work whatsoever but redemption is never an overnight deal. Maybe he can lean on his fellow Longhorn alums to help him figure out that situation. Colt, Charlie, Shaka… you’re up!















Pretty funny commercials overall but where THE HECK is the greatest Texas Alum of all time? That is not alright, alright, alright man!



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