Wow I haven’t seen a bench go crazy like that since the days of the Big 3 in Boston. Marquis Daniels, Nate Robinson and Scalabrine holding it DOWN for the Celtics and making sure those Championship Vets felt the love on court… and the flex!

It definitely fired everybody up but it remained too repetitive. Other than a random Dougie from Nate or Big Baby there wasn’t much else to the routine. That’s why I’m so impressed with these Monmouth ballers… they are innovating the game fam!

Enjoy it now before every lame college basketball program tries to be this silky smooth…

Celebrating A Dunk With A DUNK

Firing Out 3 Point Arrows And Doing A Voldemort Snake Dance

Comeback 3’s Lead To The Catch Of The Day

What Is This? A Center For Ants?

All Due Respect To The Based God Of Course..

There’s a good chance these cool cats are gonna become self-aware real quick and totally ruin this within a matter of weeks/days/hours. Hopefully that’s not the case though and they keep bringing the Benchmob Game to the next level.

NEED to know how far these celebrations can go… and maybe they’ll even teach the NBA guys a thing or two.