We will take a look at some of today’s top overall plays as well as some value plays to help you fit in your studs.  Make sure you take your shot at qualifying for the March Mania Bracket Tournament!


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Game Analysis

The evening slate brings us an 11 game slate with plenty of games to target with O/U’s in the 130-140 range.  The guard position offers us a ton of options tonight, while the forward position is somewhat bleak compared to the guard position. Tonight should be won by those who are able to figure out the right forward combination and I think your utility spots should be guard focused.





  • Nigel Williams-Goss, Washington ($9,000) – I think Williams-Goss is the top overall play for tonight’s slate as he plays in the game with the highest O/U and is coming off of a 40.5 fantasy point performance.  He has shown us nearly 50 fantasy point upside and put up 36.25 against Stanford, the last time these two met.  Washington has no interior presence and are going to need to rely on Williams-Goss and Andrews to carry them in a game that they are actually favored in.
  • Anthony Brown, Stanford ($8,100) – I love me some Anthony Brown, even though he has been struggling from the field, he still is able to affect the box scores in every category.  He offers us 40+ fantasy point upside and his price is the lowest it has been over the last 2 months.  This game should play pretty fast and Stanford will need Brown to have a chance at pulling this one out.
  • Gary Payton II, Oregon St ($8,200) – Normally I list 0 from Oregon St, however today you will see two plays that I think are definite must haves in a lineup (if you are doing multiple lineups).  Payton offers us triple double upside and is coming off of a 41 fantasy point game the last time out.  He went for 32.75 fantasy points the last time these two met and that was with just 1 assist and I think he is capable of a lot more than that.
  • Craig Sword, Mississippi St ($7,300) – Sword plays in the game with the second highest O/U and has the ability to put up 40 fantasy points.  He has scored 25.5 in each of the last two and the game prior to those went for 37 fantasy points.  He should be good for 30+ minutes and should offer us 28-35 fantasy points tonight in what should be a very competitive game against Auburn.
  • Malcolm Duvivier, Oregon St ($6,400) – Duvivier is the second Oregon St player listed so far and he probably has been one of my favorites over the last month of play.  He has put up 58 fantasy points over his last 2 games and has gone for 31+ in 2 of his last 4.  He put up 31 against Colorado the last time these two teams met and has managed to put up 33 shots over his last 2, so he offers us a very high usage rate and I would look for he and Payton to be the ones to carry the offensive load.




  • Adam Smith, Virginia Tech ($5,100) – I have two Hokies listed here in the value plays and I think Smith will be over looked as he put up just 10.25 fantasy points yesterday.  He offers us 30 fantasy point upside and could be a very sneaky play today.  He has scored just 22 fantasy points against Miami this year, thanks to a 3 point game the last time these two met.  There is definite risk involved with Smith as a GPP pick as Hill and Hudson look like the most confident Tech offensive players right now.
  • Jalen Hudson, Virginia Tech ($4,200) – Speaking of Hudson, who saw yesterday’s performance coming?  I guess I can say I did, since I managed to roster him in one lineup but that was more pure luck based on price at the time.  I think we can ride the hot hand here as its not like yesterdays performance came completely out of nowhere as about 2 weeks ago he went for 32 against Duke.  He now has 59.5 fantasy points in the last 2 games and he just looks extremely confident on the offensive end.  I think he will be extremely popular today and for good reason.
  • James Palmer, Miami ($3,000) – Palmer is somewhat a shot in the dark as he picked up 27 minutes the last game without Rodriguez and managed to put up 26 fantasy points and I would believe that he has earned himself maybe 15+ minutes of run and if he can average a point per minute again, he will easily hit value for Miami.  This game does have one of the higher O/U’s of the night and I think could make for a sneaky game stack





  • Michael Young, Pittsburgh ($7,600) – Young is coming off of a rough game against FSU but prior to that had put up 34.5+ in 3 straight games and I look for him to bounce back strongly in this one as Pittsburgh needs to make a run in the ACC tournament to have a shot at making the big dance.  Look for Young and Artis to take over and I like Young slightly more just due to the $800 price difference.
  • Tonye Jekiri, Miami ($7,500) – Jekiri gets to take on a very weak VT interior and the last time these two met he put up a 15 and 15 double double en route to 38.25 fantasy points in just 28 minutes of action.  I know he just put up 9.25 fantasy points but that game saw Jekiri ill and only play 16 minutes because of it.  I look for him to bounce back nicely.
  • Angel Delgado, Seton Hall ($7,300) – There is a chance that Delgado is my favorite freshman to roster as he seems to always go very under owned and just continues to do great work on the boards.  He does not offer much more than 35 fantasy point upside but he is extremely consistent and seems to get to 28-30 fantasy points with ease.  The last time these two met, he went for 24 fantasy points while only scoring 6 game points.  He has 6 double digit rebounding games over his last 10 and should be able to control the glass in this one.
  • Maurice Walker, Minnesota ($6,500) – Walker is coming off of a monstrous 26 and 11 double double and showed us his upside in that one and I will look to see him continue to play extremely well in this one against the weak interior of Rutgers.  His price did jump up $1.3K but that is alright with me as he is capable of carrying the interior for Minnesota.
  • Kadeem Jack, Rutgers ($6,400) – Jack is playing some excellent basketball for Rutgers and I look for him to continue that against Minnesota today in what should be a high scoring match-up.  Jack has put up 28.75+ in the last 3 games while scoring 44 points and grabbing 32 rebounds.  He put up 26.75 fantasy points the last time these two played and that game saw 169 points on the board at the end.




  • Gavin Ware, Mississippi St ($5,600) – Ware gets to take on the Auburn interior in this one and that is a match-up I have been targeting all season long.  He hasn’t been playing the greatest of late but offers us 30+ fantasy point upside and we have seen his price drop about $1K and I think this makes a great time to buy somewhat low on a very solid player.  The last time these two teams met, Ware went for a 16 and 17 double double.
  • Michael Carrera, South Carolina ($5,000) – The last time these two teams met, Carrera went for just 14.5 fantasy points.  He has put up 48 fantasy points over the last 2 games and is playing a lot better right now than he was earlier in the season.  He has shown us nearly 30 fantasy point upside and its just a matter of time before he gets us a double double and crosses that 30 fantasy point mark.
  • Reid Travis, Stanford ($3,700) – Travis is somewhat of a risky option as he started last game without Humphrey but Rosco Allen saw more minutes and contributed on the offensive end a lot more.  He has shown us about a 16 point ceiling so far, however he is extremely talented and if he is able to put it together he can put up a 12 and 12 type double double at just $3.7K.


That’s what we have for today and hopefully its a great day for you guys.  Certainly hoping I can take down one of the March Mania Tournament qualifiers today and save me some stress!  Hit me up on twitter, @Razzle11Grinds, if you have any questions or even news to share.  I will certainly do my best to share injury news.