The best high-school dunker on Earth is at it again.


It seems like once-a-week that a Derrick Jones dunk video goes viral on the internet, and, well … this happened:



DUNK OF DEATH. Seriously, though, is that dude alive? What on Earth is going through your brain that triggers the guy to think: “Trying to block Derrick Jones is a good idea!!!!”? Pass some of that stuff over here.

Anyways, if you don’t know about Derrick Jones — on top of being a dynamite basketball player, all he does is throw down ridiculously awesome dunks. For example…

He is in high school and can jump so high he looks down at the rim. How is it physically possible for someone to do this at the same age which I was trying to grow a mustache that didn’t look like a dying Chia Pet? Not fair.

Long story short: This dude is gonna absolutely annihilate everybody once he gets to school, and if you have a child who plays collegiate basketball vs. UNLV next season: please advise them now to get the hell out of Derrick’s way, whenever he takes off in the paint…