We are officially a week into the College Basketball season and I must say it feels great to be able to talk about CBB on a daily basis.  I have missed this so much over the last 8 months.  With that said, if you have any questions about my articles or just regular who to start questions, please feel free to hit me up on twitter!  (@Razzle11Grinds)



Tyrone Wallace (8,900) – I really was not sure how the talent around Wallace was going to effect him this season as he generally loves to fire up shots, but I have been extremely impressed as it seems Wallace has definitely bought into the game plan.  He is shooting extremely well while being extremely active on the boards as well as having 14 assists through 2 games.

Caris LeVert (8,100) – LeVert does everything for Michigan as he is averaging 14.5 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals a game so far and I think he is only going to get better as the season goes on as he returns from the injury that derailed his 2014-2015 season.

Melvin Johnson (7,200) – Johnson should lead VCU in shots this season and it probably will not be close as he has not met a shot he has not liked.  This match-up is a bit tough, however I love the attacking style that VCU plays and they try to force turnovers with their press.  With steals coming to DK this season, I think the VCU Rams make interesting options.

Jamal Murray (8,200) – Murray is definitely the most talented freshman on this years version of Kentucky and he shows it on the court in flashes.  I think as he grows this season you are going to get a guy who attacks and gets to the rim more and more and then finds himself at the free throw line as he has just 4 FT attempts through 3 games this season.

Other Options – Tyler Ulis (7600), Caleb White (7500), Melo Trimble (8400)


Joe Thomasson (5,700) – Thomasson is Wright St’s MR do-it-all and even though this match-up is going to be extremely tough as they take on Kentucky, I think Thomasson is the one guy that will be able to meet and exceed value.  Wright St is only expect to put up around 58 points in this one so we need to temper expectations but those 58 points have to come from somewhere.

J.P. Macura (4,800) – Macura has been extremely effective in his 21.5 minutes per game so far this season and this game against Michigan is expected to be a good one.  Macura has been doing a lot of his damage from the free throw line, which is always a nice thing as scoring points when the clock is stopped adds up quickly.  He has made 14 of 14 FT’s taken and he is averaging 16.5 points per game so far.

Kentrell Barkley (4,000) – This game between Cal and ECU is expected to approach 150 points so there is going to be plenty of scoring and for that reason we want to try and find some cheap pieces in that game to help us out.  Barkley is just 4K and is averaging 25 minutes of action.  He does a little bit of everything on the floor and should take between 4 and 7 shots.

Stephen Domingo (3,800) – Domingo is more of a shot in the dark from the Cal-ECU game as he will be surrounded by a ton of talent and generally gets lost in the action.  Domingo rebounds the ball extremely well and as long as he gets to take a few shots, he should be able to put up 15+ fantasy points. This play more about the $ savings than it is about him being able to hit for 25+.

Other Options – Zedric Sadler (4600), Doug Brooks (4200), Shawn Valentine (4400)



Skal Labissiere (7,900) – Skal is such a headache as you just never know what he is going to do.  He got into foul trouble quickly in the last game and ended up playing just 13 minutes.  I just do not see anybody on Wright St attacking him and getting him into foul trouble in this one and he should be able to dominate the paint.

Ivan Rabb (7,800) – The one frustrating thing with Rabb is the fact that he is only averaging 17 minutes of action a game.  He is extremely talented and capable of putting up impressive double-doubles, it is just a matter of getting the minutes.  This Cal team is extremely talented, but I am going to go out on a limb and say Rabb finally plays 20+ minutes in this one and finishes with a nice double-double.

Amile Jefferson (7,100) – Jefferson has been one of my favorite plays so far this year, even though I absolutely hate Duke (UNC Baby!!).  Jefferson has double-doubled in all 3 games this season and has seen his price rise from 4500 up to the 7100 it is tonight.  Jefferson is long and athletic which works out well on the defensive end.  I would like to see him with a few more blocks at this point, however I think they will come.

Mo Alie-Cox (6,400) – Alie-Cox is more of a gut feeling than anything as he really has not stood out much this season.  VCU is generally pretty guard dominant which often leaves Mo as an after thought. They are going to need him down low in this one as he is going to be up against Jefferson and Plumlee. He has great instincts around the hoop on the defensive end.

Other Options – Jalen Reynolds (7200), Jaylen Brown (7600), Robert Carter (6500)


Marcus Lee (5,900) – Lee has been extremely consistent which is something I would have never expected to see.  Lee may not have gigantic upside however I think he is as safe as anybody to return 5x on his salary tonight.  I can see a 12 point, 10 board, 4 block type of line tonight.

Michel Nzege (5,200) – ECU is going to need Nzege to be a force down low in this game if they want to keep it close.  Nzege is coming off of a strong 21 and 6 game and has a shot to get us the 6x value we want to win a GPP tonight.

Derek Willis (3,700) – Willis hurt me a bunch last time out against Duke as he saw minimal court time and managed to put up a 0, but in the two games prir to that he managed to put up a combined 50 fantasy points.  I do not expect this game to stay close for long which should give Willis some nice second half run at just 3.7K.

Kameron Rooks (3,200) – Rooks does not stand out as a sexy option, however at just 3.2K he should get 10+ minutes of action and have a shot at getting us 4x value which should be all we look for from somebody at such a cheap price.  The Guard position is where we want to spend our money and going with a guy like Rooks can help us do that.

Other Options – Marshall Plumlee (5500), Xavier Lundy (5100), Clarence Williams (4700)