Welcome to Sunday as we get the final slate of the opening weekend and get to finalized the teams ticketed to the Sweet 16.


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Game Analysis

We have 8 games to sweat out on our Sunday and none of them stand out like the Arkansas-North Carolina game did on Saturday as ones to target for sure.  The games should offer us totals between 120 and 140, so I would say its safe to target the guys you think are going to do the best and not worry about the O/U’s.





  • Joseph Young, Oregon ($9,400) – Young is coming off of a 39.5 point game Friday against Oklahoma St and the Ducks are going to need him to take the reigns of their offense in this one if they have a chance to knock off the number 1 seeded Wisconsin Badgers.  He has 50 fantasy point upside and has gone for 31+ in 8 of his last 10 games.  This game is actually projected to be one of the two highest scoring games of the day and should be full of excitement.
  • Dez Wells, Maryland ($8,200) – Wells has put up just 44.5 fantasy points over his last 2 games but in the 2 games prior to that he went for a total of 73 fantasy points.  This game should rival the Oregon-Wisconsin game in terms of fantasy goodness and points scored.  Wells offers us 40+ fantasy upside and has the ability to get us a double double at any point.  This game should be the fastest paced of the slate and that fits into Wells’ style.
  • Fred Van Vleet, Wichita St ($8,200) – Van Vleet was spectacular on Friday against Indiana as he went for 27 game points en route to a 35.5 fantasy point performance.  He now has back to back 35.5+ fantasy point performances and will look go to continue his hot streak in a game that Wichita St fans have been calling for.  Van Vleet takes 22.5% of the shots and assists on an astounding 35.9% of the made baskets while he is on the court.
  • Buddy Hield, Oklahoma ($8,100) – Hield takes 16+ shots a game, with 7+ of those coming from three point land.  He offers us nearly 50 fantasy point upside and has a number of double doubles on the season.  He is extremely active on the court and is full go when the clock starts.  Dayton offers a decent defense and they will try to slow it down against the very fast paced Sooners.
  • Juwan Staten, West Virginia ($7,500) – Staten returned to the court for the first time in over a month and managed to play 33 minutes and put up 29.25 fantasy points.  His final line was 15 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds.  He did not show any rust as he went 5 for 9 from the field.  Maryland should offer a little better defense in this one, however Staten has a game under his belt and should be even more aggressive in this one.  I love his price as he should be closer to $8K when fully healthy.




  • Scoochie Smith, Dayton ($5,200) – Smith finished Friday night with just 18 fantasy points but a number of them came late in the game when it mattered and he had put up 49 fantasy points in his two prior games.  He basically plays the whole game and the ball touches his hands every offensive possession even if he is the third or fourth offensive option.  He has a 30 fantasy point upside and I think an 18 point floor sounds about right in this one as Oklahoma will certainly try to push the pace    
  • Devonte Graham, Kansas ($3,700) – Graham has played 49 minutes over the last 2 games and has put up 34.75 fantasy points in them.  At $3.7K, Graham just needs to put up 14.8 fantasy points to hit value and with the way he is playing and shooting the three ball, he should be able to exceed that today against Wichita St.
  • Jared Nickens, Maryland ($3,200) – Nickens is a GPP only play that really burned me the last time I put him in this article and put up a 0 in that game.  Well that was two games ago and the last time out he managed to put up 18.5 fantasy points in 21 minutes of action.  He managed to drain 4 threes and is a very streaky shooter.  With the way that West Virginia presses Nickens could be left in the corner for open looks on the break.  He has a 20 fantasy point upside and only needs to go for 12.8 to hit value in this one.






  • Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin ($10,200) – Frank put up 51 fantasy points in 35 minutes of action against Coastal Carolina on Friday and should offer that as his upside any time he takes the floor.  Oregon does not have the size to compete with him down low and he should be able to put Bell and company into foul trouble.  Frank has also stepped out and drained 5 threes over the last two games, just for good measure.
  • Aaron White, Iowa ($9,300) – Aaron White has been spectacular over the last month, having gone for 35.5+ in 6 of his last 7 games played.  Three of those games saw him go over 40 fantasy points.  He put up 37 on Friday and saw his price drop $300 for this one.  I think he will be somewhat higher owned because of his price drop but I think that it is for good reason.  This game should be nearly as high scoring as the Oregon-Wisconsin and the West Virginia-Maryland game.
  • Seth Tuttle, Northern Iowa ($8,400) – Tuttle went for 30.25 fantasy points on Friday against Wyoming in what was penned as a very slow game.  This game should be somewhat slow as well, however I think it offers a little more pace to it and Tuttle has shown the ability to routinely go for 30+ fantasy points.  I think he is probably the safest high priced option of the slate but for his price he does not offer a 50 fantasy point upside.  I think he tops out around 38-40 as far as his ceiling goes.
  • Devin Williams, West Virginia ($7,400) – Williams is always at risk of getting himself into foul trouble but he will perform.  He went for 29.75 fantasy points on Friday in just 28 minutes of action.  He went for 44.25 fantasy points just 3 games ago against Oklahoma St and should have the ability to put up 45+ in this one against Maryland who does not offer much for interior defense.  He has gone for 29.75 in each of his last 2 games and offers us huge double double upside.
  • Sam Dekker, Wisconsin ($6,800) – Dekker came out on Friday on fire and was hitting everything he was throwing up.  He finished with 20 game points and 27.5 fantasy points in 35 minutes of action.  In the second half the Badgers appeared to put it on cruise control and if the game had stayed competitive, Dekker could have gone for 35+.  I think the wide open play of the Ducks will play into Dekker’s hands and he will be able to show off his athleticism against the likes of Brooks and Cook.




  • Landen Lucas, Kansas ($4,700) – Over his last 5 games Lucas has averaged about 27 minutes of action and 20 fantasy points per game.  At $4.7K he just needs to hit 18.8 fantasy points to hit value and has shown us the ability to go for 32.5 points.  This game is projected to be one of the closest games of the slate and could make for a great sweat if you have a few pieces of it as it certainly could manage its way into OT.
  • Dwayne Polee II, San Diego St ($4,600) – Polee drained 5 threes in just 19 minutes of action and finished the game with 21.25 fantasy points.  Polee missed a lot of time earlier in the year due to health issues and is just getting back into form.  His minutes are basically capped at the 20 mark, but the way that he plays he can put up fantasy points in a flash.  He needs to get us just 18.4 to hit value and he certainly has that ability in this one as Duke will certainly try to push the pace.
  • Evan Smotrycz, Maryland ($3,600) – Smotrycz has gone for 15, 15.5 and 15.75 in each of his last 3 games.  He is averaging about 22 minutes a game and is capable of putting up 20+, especially if he is able to drain a couple of threes.  I think Maryland will need his help to defend the paint against Devin Williams, so I can see his minutes getting a slight bump in this one.


That’s what we have for today and hopefully its a great day for you guys.  Hit me up on twitter, @Razzle11Grinds, if you have any questions or even news to share.  I will certainly do my best to share injury news.