Welcome to day 1 of postseason basketball, as we get 2 First Round NCAA tourney games to go along with 9 NIT games tonight.


Tournament Alert

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Game Analysis

We get some interesting match-ups tonight, as the BYU-Ole Miss game should provide a lot of fantasy goodness, as it has an O/U set at 157.  The other games with O/U’s at 140+ are Hampton-Manhattan, Iona-Rhode Island, Central Michigan-Louisiana Tech, UTEP-Murray St and UC Davis-Stanford.  Over half of tonight’s slate offers us 140+ point games which should make for some exciting basketball.





  • Kyle Collinsworth, BYU ($10,500) – Not much needs to be said about Collinsworth.  He has 6 triple doubles on the season and for good measure has 9 double doubles.  That is 15 games with the 1.5 or 3 point bonus out of the 32 games that he has played on the season.  In his last 2 games he has put up 97.5 fantasy points thanks to 41 points, 16 assists and 22 rebounds.
  • Cameron Payne, Murray St ($9,600) – It’s a shame we have to watch Payne play in the NIT as this team is fun to watch and I certainly believe they were a more deserving team than UCLA at the very least.  Payne has gone for 32+ points in 9 of his last 10 games and has put up 135.5 fantasy points over his last 3 games.  He does everything on the court and while he may not have Collinsworth’s high triple double upside, he offers more game scoring than Collinsworth and it will be fun to see which one hits 50+ tonight.
  • Corey Hawkins, UC Davis ($8,500) – Hawkins will probably go under the radar and be pretty low owned tonight and I think that is a mistake.  As a team, UC-Davis, is the number 1 three point shooting team in the country and Hawkins shoots it at an impressive 48.7%.  He also takes 32.4% of the teams shots which is 31st in the nation for usage rate.  He offers us 47-50 fantasy point upside, however is a lot more scoring dependent then Payne and Collinsworth.
  • Chris Fowler, Central Michigan ($8,500) – Fowler has put up 83.25 fantasy points over his last 2 games and has averaged 17 shot attempts per game over his last 4.  He has the 17th ranked assist rate in the nation as he assists on 36.6% of their made baskets.  Add that to his 24.2 sot and you get a guy that has his hand in over 60 of their offense.
  • Stefan Moody, Ole Miss ($8.300) – I couldn’t go without bringing up a power 5 conference player and Moody is that guy.  I have written about him numerous times and he offers us 45 fantasy point upside in what will be the highest scoring game of the night.  He has not shot the ball very well of late but has taken between 6 and 12 three point attempts in each game over his last 10.




  • Dante Holmes, NC Central ($5,100) – Holmes has a 26.7% usage rate, which is tops on the team and he offers us about a 30 point fantasy upside.  He is coming off of a 29 fantasy point game in which he went for an 11 and 10 double double.  He has gone for 20.5+ fantasy points in 6 of his last 10.    
  • Alex Hamilton, Louisiana Tech ($4,600) – Hamilton offers us nearly 40 fantasy point upside but does offer us about a 6 point floor.  He has a 24.2 shot % and draws 5.9 fouls per 40 minutes which is always a nice thing as he has shot nearly 200 free throws on the season.  He should offer us a solid 20-25 fantasy points in this one with an outside shot at 30+, all for $4.6K.
  • Anthony McDonald, NC Central ($4,300) – I will start this out by saying I found a number of usable options between $4 and $4.6K.  I settled on McDonald because of his 24.7 shot percentage and the fact that he has put up 244 three point attempts on the season.  He has shown 33 fantasy point upside and the willingness to fire up 16 three point attempts in a game.






  • Emmy Andujar, Manhattan ($9,500) – This Manhattan-Hampton game is going to be interesting as Manhattan is full of forwards and Hampton is extremely guard heavy.  Andujar is by far the best player in this game and should be able to dominate as he offers us 50 fantasy point upside with his ability to go for lines like 25-12-5.
  • David Laury, Iona ($9,200) – Laury is a beast on the interior for Iona and has 50 fantasy point upside.  He plays about 34 minutes per game and takes 29% of the team’s shots while he is on the floor.  He also grabs nearly 29% of the rebounds while he is on the floor as well.  He has put up 6 double doubles over his last 10 games, with 3 of those in the last 4.  He has also contributed 15 assists over his last 3.
  • Vince Hunter, UTEP ($8,500) – Hunter is UTEP’s best player and should offer a great game against a pretty suspect Murray St interior.  Over his last 3 games Hunter has put up 98.25 fantasy points thanks to 47 points, 29 rebounds and 9 assists.  This will be another intriguing game as Murray St has great guard play and UTEP is all about the interior with Hunter, Lang and Washburn (who is listed as a G but rebounds very well).
  • Michael Young, Pittsburgh ($7,800) – Young put up 27 fantasy points the last game against NC State while taking just 6 shots.  He has gone for 34.5 fantasy points in 3 of his last 5.  The 17 fantasy point game against Florida St came on a 3 of 12 shooting night from the field.  GW’s interior does not have the length to affect both Young and Artis in this one, which makes both intriguing options.  I went with Young as he is $400 cheaper.
  • Martin Breunig, Montana ($7,700) – Breunig rebounds at a 31.4% rate and plays more like a 7 footer than 6 foot 8.  He is coming off of a 23 and 17 performance en route to 47.25 fantasy points against Eastern Washington. This game will be one of the slower ones tonight, however one thing that I haven’t pointed out yet is that the NCAA is going to experiment with a 30 second shot clock for the NIT and that should boost the possessions in this game.




  • Erik McCree, Louisiana Tech ($5,400) – McCree offers us a 26.1 shot % to along with a defensive rebounding rate of 19.4.  He offers us about a 35 fantasy point upside as he just went for 35.5 two games ago thanks to a 17 and 12 double double.  He is not afraid to step out and put up some threes and should offer us something around the lines of 12 and 8 tonight with a three and an assist or two.  Central Michigan is not a very big team and I think that could lead to McCree getting us 10+ rebounds.
  • Jimmie Taylor, Alabama ($5,300) – Taylor has been playing extremely solid basketball of late for the Tide and I like his chances tonight against Illinois to make it a 4th straight effective game.  He has 73 fantasy points over his last 3 games, with a high of 32.75 thanks to a 13 and 11 double double.
  • Jonathan Fairell, Murray St ($4,400) – The big negative against Fairell is that he commits 6.3 fouls per 40 minutes and takes on a UTEP team that does a large amount of their work on the interior.  He is number 7 nationally when it comes to offensive rebounding rate.  He only takes about 13% of the shots on offense and derives a lot of his scoring from put backs thanks to his rebounding rate.  If he is able to stay out of foul trouble early, I think Fairell is going to be a vital part of the Murray St attack on both ends of the floor and has shown 30 fantasy point upside.





That’s what we have for today and hopefully its a great day for you guys.  Hit me up on twitter, @Razzle11Grinds, if you have any questions or even news to share.  I will certainly do my best to share injury news.