Welcome to a wonderful Tuesday of CBB as we get an 11-game slate to dive into.  Most of the games on this slate are expected to see scores between the 130s and 140s with just a couple of games expected to get in the 150+ range.  We have three of CBB’s biggest stars in action tonight as Kris Dunn, Buddy Hield and Ben Simmons all take the court so it will be interesting to see how everybody sets up their lineups in order to afford one or two of these guys.  Let’s take a look at who we should be targeting and as always, hit me up on twitter (@Razzle11Grinds) with any questions, comments or concerns!




Kris Dunn ($10,700) – This game should be pretty exciting tonight and it is projected to be one of the highest scoring games of the slate.  Dunn is coming off of a solid performance in Providence’s upset of Villanova as he went for 48.25 fantasy points after putting up just 56.5 points in his previous two games combined.  The way to beat Xavier is via Guard play and there probably is not a better PG in the country than Dunn.

J.J. Frazier ($8,000) – Georgia gets to take on an LSU team that has played pretty poor defense for most of the season, even though they have turned it around slightly of late.  Frazier went for 43 fantasy points his last time out and basically has two 50 point games over his last 10.  He offers us a pretty nice upside at just $8K.

Jordan Woodard ($7,500) – We all know how great Hield is and I think he makes a fine play, however I like Dunn a little bit more at the similar price point.  When we look at Woodard and Cousins, I tend to lean towards the one that is cheaper as they have a similar upside (I would give Woodard the slight advantage in the upside category).  Last game out Woodard really carried OU in the first half as Hield dealt with some foul trouble and he went for 20 game points in that first half.  We know he is capable of getting extremely hot from three.  Texas Tech gives up a teams of points from 3 at a 4 higher rate than NCAA average while allowing of points from 2 at a below average clip by nearly 3.

Retin Obasohan ($7,200) – Retin has put up 70.25 fantasy points over the last two games and seems to be the most trusted offensive option for Alabama as he is taking the most shots on the team while also getting to the line quite a bit.  Alabama is expected to win a close one here and we have noticed that Tennessee just does not want to play defense at all, which could lead to an Obasohan 40+ fantasy point performance tonight.

Other Options – Buddy Hield ($10,100), Trevon Bluiett ($7,600), Malcolm Brogdon ($7,500), Wade Baldwin IV ($7,500), Sindarius Thornwell ($7,100), Dwayne Bacon ($7,100), Craig Sword ($6,900)


Robert Johnson ($5,500) – Johnson has put up 59.75 fantasy points over the last two games and has gone for 26.5+ in three of the last four.  The match-up is not ideal as Wisconsin is going to do their best to slow down the Hoosier fast paced attack, however as a Badger fan I am well aware of how often we get beat from beyond the arc and Johnson is somebody that could certainly do that.  He has made 3 threes in 3 of his last 4 games, while attempting 20 shots from downtown in those three games.

Chauncey Collins ($5,400) – Collins has been my favorite value play over the last couple of weeks and while his price has jumped up $1100, I still think he makes an excellent option against a Texas team that will allow a decent amount of three point attempts.  Collins has made 13 of 29 three point shots over his last 4 games and has gone 8 for 18 over the last two.

Quinndary Weatherspoon ($5,400) – I didn’t necessarily want to give you so many values around the same price point, however I have noticed the guys around this point tend to be excellent options to build your lineups with as they just do not seem to move much in price.  Weatherspoon has gone for 34, 32 and 29 fantasy points over his last three games while taking 36 shots over that span.

Kyron Cartwright ($4,300) – Cartwright is shooting the ball extremely well for Providence right now and has put up 63 fantasy points over the last three games.  In those three games he has gone 14 for 27 from the field while going 4 for 9 from beyond the arc.  Cartwright went for 33.75 fantasy points in mid December, so we know that the upside is there at this cheap price point.

Other Options – Robert Hubbs III ($5,400), Myles Davis ($5,300), Devon Bookert ($5,300), KeVaughn Allen ($5,300), Riley Norris ($4,900), Eric Davis Jr. ($4,200), Darryl Hicks ($3,000)




Ben Simmons ($11,000) – Anybody else sick of hearing what I have to say about Simmons?  The Superstar Frosh is a stud, no denying it.  He averages nearly 50 fantasy points a game on the season, but he has not sniffed that mark in any of his last 4 games.  The positive is this is the cheapest we have been able to get him at in over 10 games and while UGA has a solid defense, I think they lack an athletic guy to stop Simmons and I am going to go out on a limb and say he passes his season average of 48.3 fantasy points tonight.

Ben Bentil ($8,600) – Bentil has been one of my favorite CBB players this season and he continues to impress as he is coming off of a 31 and 13 stat line which allowed him to put up 49.75 fantasy points against a very good Villanova team.  Bentil has shown us close a 60 fantasy point ceiling and while the match-up does not get any easier tonight, it is tough to ignore somebody playing so well.

Yante Maten ($7,600) – As much as I love Victor II of LSU, Maten presents a real match-up problem for him as Victor loves to foul and Maten has been a beast down low the last two games as he has put up 87 fantasy points while scoring 36 points and grabbing 24 rebounds.  Maten has toned down his fouling a bit of late which would mean I give him the edge in the match-up of a couple of my favorite big men in CBB.

Zach Smith ($6,500) – The match-up for TT is not ideal, however with Oklahoma being one of the top scoring teams in CBB they are going to need to find points and Smith has really stepped up over the last two games as he has gone for 64.25 fantasy points while taking just 10 shots from the field.  He is going to have to battle with Lattin and Spangler, however I think he is a sneaky GPP option.

Other Options – Dorian Finney-Smith ($8,200), Ethan Happ ($7,500), Devin Williams ($7,100), James Farr ($7,000), Michael Carrera ($6,900), Khadeem Lattin ($6,000)


Jeff Roberson ($5,200) – Roberson has really stepped up and has been one of the top players from Vandy recently.  I know his last game he finished with just 12.5 fantasy points, however that is because he managed to do literally nothing other than score 12 game points while making a couple of threes.  In the three previous games he had averaged 14 points, 10 rebounds and 2 assists.

Justin Gray ($4,900) – Gray’s price has really jumped up over the last three weeks and while the match-up is tough, it is tough to ignore the performances that Gray has put up for TT.  Over the last six games Gray has gone for 28.25, 19.25, 41, 2.75 (in just 8 minutes), 24.75 and 20 fantasy points.  His three best performances over that span came on the road and tonight TT just happens to be on the road.

Justin Leon ($4,300) – We finally get a price jump on Leon, only it comes after he put up just 13 fantasy points in his last game.  The match-up against Vandy is pretty tough as Vandy has all sorts of size to run out there, however Leon has the ability to step out and draw the bigs away from the basket.  This is definitely a GPP only play as Leon could be completely non-existent on offense as well as the boards.

Aaron Ross ($4,300) – I know, it’s another big man from TT.  Odianse went down last game with a broken foot so there are extra minutes to be picked up by the front court of TT.  Ross has put up 72 fantasy points over his last 4 games and makes an interesting option in a tough match-up for TT this evening.

Other Options – Connor Lammert ($4,900), Prince Ibeh ($4,500), Jimmie Taylor ($4,400), D.J. Johnson ($4,200), John Collins ($3,700)