Welcome to the weekend!  We have some qualifiers to the March Mania bracket tournament going on and we also have the $50K Storm the Court happening and that makes this Saturday a beautiful day, no matter what weather you are dealing with!  We have a 12 game slate to take a look and figure out so let’s waste little time and get to breaking down some Stud and Value plays!  As always, hit me up on twitter with any questions or comments @Razzle11Grinds!




Buddy Hield ($10,200) – Hield is only $800 less than Simmons is for this slate and I find that extremely interesting as Simmons has the higher ceiling thanks to his multi-category upside, however I am EXTREMELY intrigued by this Oklahoma-Baylor game as Baylor likes to play a zone defense and Oklahoma is the best 3PT shooting team in the country.  I am definitely going to have exposure to this Oklahoma team and if I can build something around Hield, I will be all about the best player in the country this season.

Anthony Barber ($8,900) – Barber is coming off of a 50.25 fantasy performance against a slower Pitt team, on the road.  Today he gets to take on a fast Duke team at home and should be a lot of fun to watch as this game should finish in the top 5 as far as total points.  The turnovers are a scary thing and he is certainly capable of putting up a dud, however he puts up plenty of shots and at this price point I can see most people going with Monte Morris, who I do like as well.

Trevon Bluiett ($7,800) – Xavier is expected to be one of the top scoring teams of the slate and Bluiett is coming off of a 42.5 fantasy point performance in his last game.  He has gone for 184 fantasy points over his last 5 games, which breaks down to an average of 36.8 points per game.  He is going to take around 15 shots in the game with about half of them coming from three, with the ability to take close to 20 shots with 11+ of them coming from three.  That three point bonus is a huge plus for Bluiett as is the fact that he is capable of getting us a double-double.

Isaac Hamilton ($7,600) – UCLA gets a tempo boost in this one and Hamilton has been their best player this season so I think this price point is a little too cheap for the match-up.  As Hamilton showed us recently, he has triple-double type upside as he just missed a triple-double by 2 assists against USC. This game is expected to be the highest scoring of the slate, so you will want to find a way to get a piece of it.

Other Options – Brandon Ingram (9200), Monte Morris (8900), Tyler Ulis (8200), Isaiah Cousins (7600), Wade Baldwin IV (7600), Lester Medford (7000), Luke Kennard (6100)



Myles Davis ($5,300) – Davis seems to be pretty set at around 23 fantasy points, but he offers us the ability to get us around 35 fantasy points and with Xavier expecting to be one of the top scoring teams of the slate.  He has the ability to knock down multiple threes and if he catches fire, he could certainly more than pay off his price point.

Chauncey Collins ($5,000) – Collins is coming off of a 30.25 fantasy point performance and seems to be solidifying big minutes for TCU as he continues to perform well.  His minutes have jumped to the mid-30’s at this point and is playing better than anybody else on TCU.  He shoots the three ball pretty well and has the ability to knock down 4+ from beyond the arc.  This game is expected to be as high scoring as the UCLA-Oregon game and with TCU playing at home, they could always keep it closer than you normally would think.

Cody Martin ($4,900) – Martin has stepped into the starting lineup for the last two games and has seen his minutes jump about 8-9 per game and he has responded by scoring 43.25 fantasy points in those two games.  He does a little bit of everything for NC State and while I could see him having some issues keeping up on the defensive end, he offers us a 30 fantasy point upside.

Tre Campbell ($4,300) – Campbell stepped into the starting lineup recently and has gone for 48.5 fantasy points in the two games that he recently played over 20 minutes in.  He is coming off of a 31 fantasy point performance and while I am afraid of the idea of chasing points, I think he makes an interesting GPP play, especially if he starts again.

Other Options – Robert Johnson (5500), Matt Thomas (5400), Quentin Snider (5200), Adam Smith (5100), Riley Norris (4700), Michael Williams (4500)




Ben Simmons ($11,000) – Simmons has generally played his best on the road so far this season and we get to see him on the road in Alabama for this one.  I don’t necessarily like his price tag, however it is tough to ignore his GPP upside as he is capable of putting up monster stat lines any time he takes the floor for LSU.  The only problem is we need him to put up 55 fantasy points to pay off his price for our GPP’s.  I might be looking to fade LSU for the first time this season as Alabama is one of the slower teams in the country.

Jameel McKay ($8,100) – I really like McKay’s upside against a very weak TCU interior and he seemed to bounce out of his funk in the last game as he went for 34.75 fantasy points and missed a double-double by just two points.  He offers us a 50 fantasy point upside at a cheaper price than his teammate, Georges Niang.  Niang has been more consistent, however the price difference has me on McKay.

Chinanu Onuaku ($7,400) – Onuaku has put up 5 straight double-doubles for Louisville and has gone for 33+ fantasy points in each of those 5 games.  He has also been swatting multiple shots per game and I think he could have a big game on the inside against a smaller GT team.  GT has a pretty solid 3 point defense so I can see Onuaku getting quite a few offensive touches and some put backs as he should be able to control the glass.

Thomas Welsh ($6,700) – I feel like Welsh is always going to sit between $6300 and $6700 and this match-up may be difficult as Oregon has a bunch of athletic forwards they can send out, Welsh seems to be able to handle those kind of guys pretty well and seems to always be in the best rebounding position. I wanted to look at either Welsh or Parker in this game and with Welsh being $1200 cheaper, I think it makes my decision quite a bit easier.

Other Options – Taurean Prince (8000), Dillon Brooks (8000), Luke Kornet (7100), Marshall Plumlee (7000), Abdul-Malik Abu (7000), Elgin Cook (6400), Thomas Bryant (6200)



Johnathan Motley ($5,500) – Motley has gone for 26+ fantasy points in three of his last four games with two of those games being 39.25 and 47.25 point games.  Motley is certainly a shaky choice as he is capable of doing nothing at all, however with the way he is playing I would expect Baylor to get him on the floor as much as possible.  Motley is the type of GPP play that could win you a lot of money.

Jessie Govan ($4,800) – Govan’s price is starting to get up there, however I do like his 30 fantasy point upside and I really like the way he has been playing for Georgetown as it seems like they are messing with the rotations, trying to find the one that works the best.  I do wish Govan would get 25+ minutes, however he is able to pay off his price while playing just 18-21 minutes.

Justin Gray ($4,700) – Gray’s minutes are trending upwards and managed to play 33 in the last game and he put up 24.75 fantasy points.  He recently put up 41 fantasy points in a game that saw him play 31 minutes.  I know the match-up is not ideal, however Texas Tech is expected to keep this game close while playing at home.

Derek Willis ($4,400) – Willis is going to be extremely popular as he has been excellent in the last two games and was inserted into the starting lineup for the most recent contest.  He has played 66 minutes over the last two games and has managed to put up 66.75 fantasy points.  Willis plays with a lot of energy and passion and is capable of getting us a double-double while also knocking down multiple threes.

Other Options – Jeff Roberson (5500), Aaron Falzon (4600), Terry Maston (4500), Reggie Cameron (4200), Aaron Ross (4100), Carlton Bragg Jr. (3200)