Friday night brings us an interesting little 3 game slate as we get to use a few teams that we have gotten to use over the course of the season and we should be familiar with a few of the names, especially guys like Warney, Cavanaugh, Peters and Walker.  There is going to be quite a bit of lineup overlap with this slate, however there are a number of players we can target that might be a bit under owned.  The point totals projected for the three games are 120, 134 and 136.  Let’s take a look at who we should be considering!




Ahmad Walker ($7,400) – Walker does a little bit of everything on the floor for Stony Brook and while he may not offer a 45 point ceiling, he does offer a pretty solid 27+ point floor and should be able to find his way into a 30-35 fantasy point game as Stony Brook is expected to be the highest scoring team of the night.

Peter Hooley ($6,000) – Hooley hit one of the biggest shots last year as Albany was battling to get into the NCAA tournament and it appears that he is shooting it extremely well over the last couple of games. He has gone for 72.25 fantasy points over those two games, while making 8 of 16 three point shot attempts.

Tevonn Walker ($6,000) – Walker has 40+ point upside while showing the ability to put up fantasy points without having to score real game points.  In the last game he managed to put up 25.75 fantasy points in just 18 minutes of play while scoring just 4 game points.  This is projected to be the lowest scoring game of the night, however with just three games to work with, I think we need to have exposure to Walker’s upside.

Other Options – Jarvis Garrett ($6,800), Carson Puriefoy ($6,500), Keith Carter ($6,200)


Ray Sanders ($5,700) – Sanders definitely has the upside of a guy that should be priced in the mid-6K range and he certainly could end the night as the top scoring guard.  He is coming off of a 31.25 fantasy point performance and Albany is going to need him to be knocking down shots if they want to go into Stony Brook and come away with the W.

Mark Alstork ($5,600) – Alstork has been playing extremely well for Wright St and if they are going to want to pull off the W they are going to need him to continue to shoot the ball extremely well.  He has taken double digit shot attempts in each of the last 8 games and has scored 22+ fantasy points in 8 of his last 9 games.  He is basically a lock for 20+ points tonight.

Alex Mitola ($4,600) – Should McDonald miss this game for GW, Mitola makes a great play to plug in and enjoy.  His price has jumped up quite a bit but has gone for 83 fantasy points over the last three games and has really shown his ability to be a play-maker for GW.  Should McDonald be good to go, I would look for him at just $5K.

Other Options – Joe Thomasson ($5,700), Four McGlynn ($5,100), Joe Cremo ($4,700), Darien Walker ($4,600), Lucas Woodhouse ($4,200), Mark Hughes ($3,000)


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Jameel Warney ($10,800) – Warney is far and away the top option of the night as he has 60+ fantasy point upside while offering us a floor of around 30.  Albany gets eaten up on the inside as they have one of the worst 2pt defense in the country, so I would expect Warney to do great things tonight.

Alec Peters ($8,200) – I think Peters makes an excellent option even with this game expected to be the lowest scoring of the night as Peters recently went for 65 fantasy points in a game and has the ability to put up big time double-doubles while taking double digit shots from three.  He doesn’t have the consistency that Warney does, however he is $2600 cheaper.

Tyler Cavanaugh ($7,300) – Cavanaugh might be one of my favorite guys in CBB and he has been playing lights out recently for GW.  He has gone for 120 fantasy points over the last three games, with a high of 49.5 over that stretch.  GW is expected to battle with Stony Brook for the highest scoring team of the night and Cavanaugh should be a big reason why.

Other Options – Hassan Martin ($7,300), Kevin Larsen ($7,200), Kuran Iverson ($6,600)


Rayshaun McGrew ($5,500) – McGrew is coming off of a 33.25 fantasy point game and has gone for 22.5+ in each of his last give games with a high of 38 coming 2 weeks ago.  McGrew offers us double-double upside and should Albany try to take Warney out of the game, he certainly is able to step up and fill it up.

Michael Karena ($4,400) – The match-up for Karena is pretty tough, however his $4.4K price tag and the fact that he has put up 25.25 and 29 points in the last two games makes him somebody we really need to consider using from this three game slate.

Greig Stire ($3,900) – If you really need to find a cheap punt to fill the last spot in your lineup, you could do a whole lot worse than Stire as he has put up 15+ fantasy points in 8 straight games, with a high of 21 over that stretch.  he isn’t going to light it up and go for 30, but he seems like a good bet to at least 4x his price tag.


Other Options – Vashil Fernandez ($5,900), Mike Rowley ($4,900), Jubril Adekoya ($3,900)