Thursday night brings us a pretty solidly sized slate as we get 10 games to work with, which seems a bit bigger than you would expect on a Thursday, however the more games to work with the more options we have to use.  Out of the 10 games to work with, we should eliminate one basically as the Wisconsin-Penn St game is expected to be very low scoring.  I do have a few guys listed from that game as they could provide a nice value boost to our lineups based on possible injuries.  Let’s take a look at some of the guys we should be considering and as always hit me up on twitter!  (@Razzle11Grinds)




Tyler Ulis ($8,200) – Ulis is coming off of a 42.5 fantasy point game in which he was two assists shy of a triple-double and appears to be becoming more aggressive on the offensive end.  He went for 51.25 fantasy points earlier in January and tonight he gets to take the court in a game with the highest over/under of the night as he gets to take on the ultra fast paced Razorbacks.

Jordan McLaughlin ($7,500) – McLaughlin has put up 215.25 fantasy points over his last 6 games, which equates to an average of about 36 fantasy points per game.  One of those six games McLaughlin ended up finishing with 53 fantasy points.  The USC-Oregon game is expected to be the second highest scoring game of the night and you will want to make sure you get a piece of the action.

Tra Holder ($7,300) – Holder is coming off of a pretty bad game as he went for just 15.5 fantasy points in a juicy match-up, but prior to that he had gone for 30+ in 8 straight games.  Holder doesn’t offer us an upside much above 42-43 points, however he has been extremely consistent for Arizona St this season and should be a big reason why Arizona St is able to keep this game close in Cal.

Mike Gesell ($6,900) – Gesell has been pretty mediocre over the last two games, however he had been on a roll prior to that and this match-up should allow him to get back to putting up really solid numbers for an Iowa squad that is projected to score the most points of the slate.  Gesell has been distributing extremely well and we could see a nice double-double in this one.

Other Options – Dedric Lawson  ($8,800), Julian Jacobs ($7,500), JaQuan Lyle ($6,700), Corey Sanders ($6,600), Anthlon Bell ($6,400), Peter Jok ($6,000)


Josh Perkins ($5,300) – I really like the way that Perkins and the Zags are playing right now as he has really stepped up to try and take the scoring burden off of Wiltjer and Sabonis.  He wasn’t needed much the last time out and still went for 21.75 fantasy points and recently approached the 40 fantasy point mark for the Zags.  St Mary’s is actually a favorite in this game so look for the Zags to really rely on Perkins, Wiltjer and Sabonis to go on the road and pull off the win.

Paris Jackson-Cartwright ($5,100) – With the loss of Trier, PJC has really stepped up as he has gone for 55.5 fantasy points over his last two games and has contributed 18 assists in those games.  His price has jumped from $3500 just a week and a half ago and I think is still a bargain at the $5100 he is currently at.

Devin Foster ($4,100) – This is kind of a speculative play as this game should generally be avoided however it appears that Foster is taking minutes away from Reaves and has managed to play 80 minutes over the last three games and has put up 54.25 fantasy points in those three games.  He is coming off of a 25.5 fantasy point performance.

Other Options – Rapheal Davis ($5,100), Bishop Daniels ($5,000), Kodi Justice ($4,900), Justin Simon ($4,000), Khalil Iverson ($3,500)




Domantas Sabonis ($9,200) – I feel like tonight is the night that Sabonis gets back to being a dominant force in the paint and while I don’t know that he will get back to his 66+ fantasy point games, I do think he has the ability to get us 50+ tonight.  He probably has the highest ceiling of anybody taking the floor tonight and I want to make sure my GPP teams have a piece of that.

Jarrod Uthoff ($8,900) – If Rutgers can find a way to keep this game somewhat close then I think a player with Uthoff’s ability should be able to just embarrass them as Rutgers really lacks any athleticism on the wing and down low.  We have seen Uthoff go nuts at a couple of different times this season and certainly could get us 50+ in a game that has Iowa as a big road favorite with the highest projected team total of the night.

Dillon Brooks ($8,000) – Brooks is playing really well for Oregon and gets to take the floor in a game that is projected to be the second highest scoring game of the night.  He has gone for 108.5 fantasy points over his last three and is shooting the ball extremely well and has scored 21 game points in the last two games.  Generally I would consider $8K to be a little too much, however the match-up and game pace make me think that he should be able to pay off that price point.

Kaleb Tarczewski ($6,800) – I really like the way that Tarczewski has played since he returned from injury and while he had his double-double streak stopped the last time out, he had been getting us 33+ fantasy points.  I can see him getting back to the double-double level tonight as Stanford really lacks a dominant presence in the paint and he should be able to push Humphrey around.

Other Options – Kyle Wiltjer ($8,900), Ryan Anderson ($8,100), Nigel Hayes ($8,000), A.J. Hammons ($7,600), Rosco Allen ($7,100)


Obinna Oleka ($5,400) – Oleka has put up 60.25 fantasy points over his last two games and has managed to post a double-double in each of those games for Arizona St.  The match-up itself is a bit tough as he is going to have to compete with Brown and Rabb for boards, however he is not somebody that needs to be a huge part of the offense in order to put up fantasy points.

Derek Willis ($4,400) – This play scares me however I think at some point Coach Cal has to figure out that Willis is better on the floor than most of this Kentucky roster is as he is one of the few that plays hard on each and every play.  He played a career high 31 minutes the last time out and managed to put up 35.5 fantasy points.  This is definitely a GPP play as Willis could just as easily see 6 minutes and put up 3 fantasy points.

Donovon Jack ($3,900) – I remember using Jack a few times last season and he was always pretty cheap and generally paid off his modest price point.  I am not quite sure what has kept him from expanding his role, however he has put up 45.75 fantasy points over the last two games and could certainly pay off his cheap tag in this one, even if the match-up does not necessarily support it as this game should be extremely low scoring.

Other Options – Vince Edwards ($5,900), Trevor Thompson ($5,200), D.J. Foreman ($5,200), Chimezie Metu ($4,800), Nicholas Baer ($3,900)