I love that we are starting to get slates basically every day of the week as we have a little 4 game slate to work with tonight as the weekend gets to us.  In years past, Friday night NCAA Basketball was pretty non-existent so this definitely makes me happy.  We get the big match-up of the night between Monmouth and Iona as this game should offer us the most points to work with while also being a TON of fun to watch.  Let’s take a look at who we should be considering and as always, please hit me up on Twitter (@Razzle11Grinds)!



NCAA Basketball: MAAC Conference Tournament-Final

A.J. English ($10,000) – English went for 69.25 fantasy points about a month and a half ago and showed us what his ridiculous upside sits at as he is capable of approaching a triple-double each night he takes the floor.  He has had games this season in which he has attempted 20+ shots from the field, nearly 20 threes and double digit free throws so we know he is going to get the opportunity to score.  The volume at which he puts the ball up is insane and he also offers us one of the best assist rates in the country.

Justin Robinson ($8,800) – This game could certainly turn into the Robinson-English battle as Robinson is the number 1 option for Monmouth in a game in which they are expected to put up 80+ points.  Robinson has disappointed a bit in the last two games, but I would look for him to step it up in this match-up.

Charles Cooke ($7,600) – I will start this off by saying make sure you check his status as he missed last game.  While I am not sure one way or the other at this point, I would love to be all over Cooke in this game as he offers us nearly a 50 fantasy point upside while being a big focus of the Dayton offense.  Be prepared to move on should he end up being ruled out.

Other Options – D.J. Balentine ($8700), Isaiah Williams ($7100), Deon Jones ($6400), Antino Jackson ($6000)


Noah Robotham ($5,900) – Robotham has some pretty solid upside as he is coming off of a 30.75 fantasy point performance and managed to go for 42.5 fantasy points earlier this month.  Akron is expected to put up the third most points tonight while being in a very competitive and close game throughout.  You can certainly do a TON worse than Robotham in your GPP lineups.

Paris Lee ($5,300) – Lee offers us 40+ fantasy point upside while playing some solid ball over the last two games as he has gone for 65 fantasy points over that stretch.  Lee is taking double digit shots with half of those coming from three point land.  He offers multi-category help as he contributes a handful of rebounds and assists, while also chipping on the defensive end.

Jaelan Sanford ($4,200) – Sanford basically plays 27+ minutes a night for Toledo and with those kind of minutes should be able to pay off his $4.2K price tag.  He is coming off of a very bad, 1.5 fantasy point performance however has gone for a high of 35.5 over his last six games.

Other Options – Micah Seaborn ($5600), Jaylon Brown ($5100), Kyle Davis ($4900), Alex Mitola ($4100), Darrell Davis ($4100)



NCAA Basketball: Evansville at Wichita State

Egidijus Mockevicius ($10,100) – Mock offers us 50+ fantasy point upside while coming off of a 44.5 fantasy point performance in which he went for 21 and 12.  Illinois St should be able to be knocked around in the paint and Mock should be able to have his way on the boards.  I would not be shocked to see him go for another 20-20 double-double and approach the 60 fantasy point mark tonight.

Nathan Boothe ($9,700) – If you want to save a few hundred dollars then I would look at Boothe as he offers a similar upside to Mock, however he does have a lower floor.  The one thing working in his favor is that he takes a bunch more shots per game than Mock does, however he does not have the same type of rebounding ability.  He is capable of stepping out and draining some threes and has put up 90 fantasy points over the last two games.

Tyler Cavanaugh ($7,200) – Cavanaugh has gone for 36+ fantasy points in three of his last four games which is exactly what we need for him to go 5x.  The match-up could be a little difficult as guys like Pollard and Pierre could make it a little tougher inside, however we have seen Cavanaugh really stand out in some tough match-ups so far this season.  I might bypass the two high dollar stud F’s and drop down to Cavanaugh as my most expensive F.

Other Options – Dyshawn Pierre ($6800), Isaiah Johnson ($6800)


Jordan Washington ($5,900) – Washington offers ridiculous upside considering he basically plays about 20 minutes a game on the season.  Washington is the best at drawing fouls, but he is also one of the worst at committing fouls, which is what keeps his minutes so down.  He is extremely efficient and is Iona’s second leading scorer and rebounder while only playing half of the game.  If he is able to stay out of foul trouble in this one, you could see a monster game from the sub $6K price tag.

MiKyle McIntosh ($5,100) – McIntosh has gone for 70.5 fantasy points over the last two games and basically offers us a 40 point upside at the price of a guy who should offer us about a 33 point ceiling.  I do worry about getting into foul trouble being around Mock, however it’s just too impossible to ignore the upside at this price point.

Quintin Brewer ($3,000) – Brewer is definitely a GPP punt as he could certainly do next to nothing for us, however when we are looking at some really expensive studs, we have to be willing to take some chances in our GPP lineups.  Brewer went for 18 fantasy points just two games and went for 19.5 earlier this season.  This pick is not for the faint of heart and you have to be willing to live with the 2 point floor that Brewer brings to us.

Other Options – Deontae Hawkins ($5400), Aaron Rountree ($4900), Chris Brady ($4900), Zach Garber ($3700)