Welcome to Valentine’s Day everybody!  I hope your weekend is treating you guys well and you are ready for 8 more CBB games leading up to the NBA All-Star game tonight.  There is plenty of scoring expected to be done today as we get a few Pac-12 games along with a couple of the highest scoring teams in the B1G Ten.  Let’s take a look at who we should be considering today!  As always, hit me up on Twitter (@Razzle11Grinds) with any questions you may have!



Denzel Valentine (10,500) – How can you not play Denzel on Valentine’s Day?  He’s coming off of a 57 fantasy point performance against a tough Purdue team.  He gets an easier match-up today as Indiana loves to speed it up and they tend to forget to play defense at times.  This game is going to be a fun one to watch and may be one that has a lower ownership than usual as there are a few Pac-12 games on the slate and they are always targeted heavily.

Bryce Alford (7,700) – Alford is an interesting GPP play as he is capable of getting hot from three point land and racking up fantasy points in a hurry.  UCLA needs a win extremely badly and while I think it is too little too late, I think this is one they can steal on the road as Arizona St is extremely up and down.  He offers us 40+ fantasy point upside and managed to put up 31 against Arizona St the last time they played.

Malik Beasley (7,400) – The usual debate is upon us today as we get Florida St on the slate.  Beasley had the better game against Miami the last time and while neither he or Bacon had much of a game, Beasley managed to grab 9 boards.  With this game being at home for Florida St, I expect a better performance out of the stud freshman guards.

Nate Mason (6,700) – Minnesota is going to get killed by Iowa today, however I am sure they will not just roll over and Mason is their best offensive player at this point.  Mason has gone for 36.5+ fantasy points in 5 of his last 6 games.  He is going to fire up 15+ shots and at least half of them are probably going to come from three point land.

Other Options – Michael Gbinije (8400), Yogi Ferrell (8100), Julian Jacobs (7500), Isaac Hamilton (7200), Malachi Richardson (6500), Peter Jok (6400)


Allonzo Trier (5,500) – In his second game back from his injury, Trier came alive in the second half after basically doing nothing in the first half as he seemed to become more and more confident in his wrist.  He finished the game with 22.5 fantasy points in 23 minutes of action.  Trier put up 53.5 fantasy points the last time these two teams met and while I do not know if he is going to be back to seeing his normal minutes, I do know that he is priced way too low for what his upside is.

Anthony Clemmons (5,400) – Clemmons put up 25.75 fantasy points in his last game and his price went down $100.  He has gone for 25+ fantasy points in 6 of his last 7 games.  Minnesota’s defense brings a lack of defense which is really a tough thing to pull off.  Iowa is expected to win this one going away and should approach 85 points in this game.  Clemmons is the cheapest of the starters for this team and a great way to get a piece of their offense.

Kodi Justice (4,400) – Justice is coming off of a couple of rough games and I think he could bounce back in this one as this game should be one of the highest scoring games of the day.  Justice went for 20.75 fantasy points the last time these two teams met and has shown us a high of 32.5 over his last ten games.

Sammy Barnes-Thompkins (3,600) – SBT has been a value play the last few games and has paid off his price in 2 of his last 3 games.  The match-up is pretty tough, however SBT is not afraid to put up some shots and he should approach 32 minutes in this game.  His foul rate is a bit concerning, however we can’t be too picky and $3.6K is just too nice to pass up.

Other Options – Brandon Taylor (5900), Robert Johnson (5400), Bryn Forbes (5300), Dupree McBrayer (4700)



Jakob Poeltl (9,300) – Poeltl has a match-up that he should absolutely dominate in this one as Washington St is a pretty terrible defensive team.  His upside is through the roof as he is certainly able to get us 60+ any time.  Utah should win this one pretty convincingly and Poeltl is going to be the reason for that.

Jamel Artis (7,200) – I think one of the Artis/Young duo is going to pay off his price point in this one against UNC and I lean Artis’ way as he is the cheaper of the two.  I have been waiting for Artis to explode and replicate some of his performances from last year and that just has not happened. Pittsburgh gets the big tempo bump in this one and it could be the recipe we need for him to get us a 40 spot.

Nikola Jovanovic (6,800) – I am probably higher on Jovanovic than most as he just never appears to be a sexy selection however he just produces for USC.  He doesn’t have the explosive games like his G teammates do, however he is coming off of a 46.25 fantasy point performance and managed to put up 31.5 fantasy points the last time these two teams met.

Kaleb Tarczewski (6,400) – Tarczewski is coming off of 3 straight double-digit rebounding games and went for a nice double-double the last time these two teams met and finished with 35.5 fantasy points in that game.  Arizona is expected to be one of the highest scoring teams of the slate and Tarczewski is an excellent way to get a piece of that offense and defense.

Other Options – Brice Johnson (9600), Jarrod Uthoff (9100), Matt Costello (7400), Kyle Kuzma (6900), Adam Woodbury (6300)


Dennis Clifford (5,700) – Clifford has been really solid for BC of late and we know that Syracuse gets abused on the boards as they give up a ton of offensive rebounds.  Clifford has double-digit rebounds over his last two games and is coming off of a 14 and 13 double-double against a pretty solid UNC interior.

Jordan Loveridge (5,600) – Much like Valentine, how can we not consider Loveridge on Valentine’s day?  The match-up is excellent for Loveridge as he put up 33 fantasy points against WSU the last time they met and he has gone for 28.5 and 35 fantasy points over his last two games.  Washington St has nobody that can check him as they lack the athletic size that is needed to follow him around.

Willie Atwood (4,800) – Atwood’s price has come down a bit as he has struggled recently, however I believe he is more of a $5200+ player.  The last time these two teams met, he put up 11 shots from the field and played 33 minutes.  The opportunity is there and with this one being at home I think he gets us 22-25 fantasy points with a 30 point upside.

Other Options – Savon Goodman (5100), Boris Bojanovsky (4900), Ryan Luther (4200), Nicholas Baer (3400)