Welcome to New Years Eve!!  I hope everybody has a very exciting night (as long as it is safe) and hopefully we can help you add a sweat to your festivities!  We get an all day slate today that has 6 games to work with, which is a little smaller than our recent slates, however 6 games is still a pretty good amount as there should be plenty of fantasy scoring!  As always, hit me up on the Twitter machine(@Razzle11Grinds) with any questions or concerns!




Kyle Collinsworth ($10,400) – We finally get the scenario I have been waiting all season for as both Collinsworth and Dunn play on the same night.  Collinsworth has been locked in above 40 fantasy points over his last four games and has a high of 61 over his last ten games.  I think Dunn is going to be more popular at this price point as I think he has a higher ceiling.  With that being said, I might lean Collinsworth in GPPs as he could certainly put up a monster in a game with the second highest total.

Kris Dunn ($10,400) – Dunn is coming off of a 41 point performance and has gone for over 60 twice in his last ten games which is one more than what Collinsworth has done.  Collinsworth has been steadier, especially recently, however Dunn has the higher upside and the Providence-Butler game has the highest over/under of the slate.

Roosevelt Jones ($8,500) – Jones offers us 50 fantasy point upside at a price discount compared to both Dunn and Collinsworth.  Jones has been a double-double machine recently and is capable of getting there with rebounds or assists.  His versatility is awesome and it is going to be tough for me to not have Jones in every one of my lineups.

Maurice Watson Jr. ($6,800) – Watson has been extremely solid for Creighton so far this year and the Blue Jays are expected to be the second highest scoring team of the slate.  Watson has gone for 99.75 fantasy points over his last three games and offers us double-double upside as he has one of the best assist rates in the country.

Other Options – Trevon Bluiett ($7,600), Josh Hart ($7,500), Reed Timmer ($6,600), Edmond Sumner ($6,300), Federic Mussini ($6,200)


Durand Johnson ($5,400) – Durand has shown us 40 fantasy point upside while displaying some solid consistency recently as he has gone for 24.75, 20, 32.5 and 33.25 over his last four games.  This St Johns team is not very good overall so they will need Johnson to continue to gain confidence as they are searching for that go-to player.

Jalen Lindsey ($4,800) – Lindsey has gone for 117.25 fantasy points over his last 4 games and went for 33 points just six games ago.  Lindsey is playing a big time role for Providence and I am going to continue to plug him in while he is on this hot streak or until the price matches the production.  It’s tough when you think that Lindsey is behind Dunn, Bentil and Bullock on the offensive end, however he just produces when he’s on the floor.

Taj Owens ($3,500) – Owens went for 23.25 fantasy points the last time out and went for 29.5 points just three games ago so we know he offers us upside, the problem is he has a pretty low floor as he sandwiched those games with a 3.25 point performance.  Owens is one of those plays that we need to hit to have a shot to take down a GPP and I am going to be using him in a lineup or two to hope that he sees 16+ minutes.

Other Options – Khyri Thomas ($5,200), Zac Seljaas ($4,200), Ore Arogundade ($3,000)




John Brown ($9,200) – Brown offers us 60+ fantasy point upside at a $1200 discount to the stud G’s on the slate.  He has only put up 53.5 fantasy points over his last two games, however I think he steps up quite a bit in this spot and gets back to the 45+ territory.  When he is at his best is when he is racking up blocks and steals and energizing the team.

Ben Bentil ($8,400) – Bentil went for 57 fantasy points the last time he took the court and that was after putting up 44.5 in the game before that.  Bentil has 12 rebounds in each of the last two games and while I love his upside, I am not sure he gets back to double digit rebounds in this one as there are plenty of big bodies that will be battling for the rebounds.  Bentil is generally one of my favorite plays so I will definitely have a decent amount of him.

Dane Pineau ($7,000) – Pineau has been spectacular recently as he has gone for 148.75 fantasy points over his last 4 games and its not like that came out of nowhere as he had 60.75 fantasy points in the two games prior to those four.  Pineau has three straight double-doubles and I can’t wait for him to get his fourth as I will certainly have a large amount of him in my lineups.

Kelan Martin ($6,400) – Martin is somebody that frustrated us greatly last season as he looked prime for break out games and then would lay a dud.  Martin is coming off a 30.25 fantasy point performance in which he played just 19 minutes.  He has recently gone for just 12 points in a game while also have a couple of games over 41 points.  The upside is there and with this game having the highest over/under, I am certainly going to take a few shots with Martin.

Other Options – Rodney Bullock ($7,200), Kale Abrahamson ($6,700), James Farr ($6,600), Geoffrey Groselle ($6,100)


Christian Jones ($5,000) – Jones has played 86 minutes over his last three gamesand has put up 51.25 points over the last two (the third was a dud of just 6.5).  Earlier in December he had a stretch of four games in which he scored between 20 and 37 fantasy points so we know he is able to get hot and this could be another little streak.  I think $5K is a solid price to pay and he should be in a lineup for you.

Evan Fitzner ($4,500) – Fitzner is coming off of a rough game the last time out but showed us 40+ fantasy point upside recently and while I do not think he is going to hit the 40+ mark in this game, I do think somewhere in the middle of those two games is most likely.  That would get him about 22 points which is all we need from him to hit 5x return.

Tarique Thompson ($3,400) – Thompson exploded for 30 fantasy points in his last game in just 18 minutes of action.  He has played 18 minutes in each of the last two games and has put up 49.5 points in those two games.  He is certainly capable of putting up fantasy points in a hurry, but he does offer us a single digit floor which is always scary.  Thompson is somebody that you need to consider for your GPPs in order to be able to spend up at the G position.

Kion Brown ($3,000) – Another guy who is definitely a GPP only play is Brown as he has gone for 31.75, 11.5 and 15 points over his last three games.  He is playing some really good basketball right now, however its almost impossible to predict what his minutes are going to be.  I may put Brown in 15-20% of my lineups as his $3K price tag and 30 fantasy point upside is tough to bypass.

Other Options – Jock Landale ($4,300), Calvin Hermanson ($4,200), Brandon Holcomb ($3,900), Zach Hanson ($3,800), Jacob Enevold Jensen ($3,400)