Hope everybody is enjoying their week as we approach New Years.  Much like Tuesday, Wednesday brings us two slates as we get 6 games for the early slate to go along with 9 games for the evening slate. This article will go over the early slate of games and try to point you in the right direction as far as where to start your lineup building.  As always please follow and hit me up on Twitter (@Razzle11Grinds).



Malcolm Hill (8,800) – Hill has been spectacular for Illinois all season and went for 67.75 fantasy points just two games ago.  This game is expected to have a total in the mid-140’s and it is supposed to be close which is something we always look for as Hill should be in a great spot against Michigan team that tries to run at times.

Caris LeVert (8,400) – LeVert is Mr. Do-it-all for Michigan and if they are going to want to hold off Illinois in this game they are going to need LeVert to go for 40+ fantasy points.  Over his last three games he has gone for 37.75, 37.5 and 47.5.

Brandon Ingram (8,000) – Ingram has been absolutely spectacular and I could see an argument where people think he is the best freshman in the country (I lean Simmons but its very close).  Ingram has gone for 50+ in two of the last three games and Duke is expected to put up the most points of the slate while playing in the game with the highest over/under.

Jevon Carter (6,800) – I think this game is a sneaky spot for Carter as the WVA press should cause problems for VT and Carter could be the main beneficiary of that.  Carter is capable of grabbing us 4+ steals while also putting up 41+ fantasy points.  WVA is expected to be the third highest scoring team of the slate.

Other Options – Grayson Allen (8500), Bryant McIntosh (7900), James Blackmon Jr (7200), Corey Sanders (6700)


Duncan Robinson (5,400) – Robinson has gone for 22+ fantasy points in eight straight games and has gone for 28, 31.5 and 30.25 fantasy points over his last three games.  Michigan is going to need Robinson to continue to step up and take some pressure off of LeVert.

Luke Kennard (5,400) – Kennard has been the one to benefit the most from Amile Jefferson going down as he has gone for 37 and 36.5 fantasy points over the last two games.  He has been rebounding very well while shooting the ball extremely well and has played 55 minutes over the last two so he should be good for another 27-30 minutes in this one.

Justin Bibbs (4,800) – Bibbs is a big time GPP play as VT could definitely struggle with the press of WVA or they could end up with a bunch of open looks.  He is coming off of a 9.5 fantasy point dud of a performance however had gone for 39 and 26 in the two games prior to that.  Right now Bibbs is basically scoring dependent but he has shown that he has the ability to help in other categories in the past.

Josh Reaves (4,600) – Reaves has been really solid for PSU so far this season and even though this match-up is extremely tough, I do not see Reaves differing from what he has done recently.  He is coming off of a 28.5 fantasy point performance and recently went for 36.5 so we know the upside is there. I really like that his floor seems to have creeped around the 20 point mark.

Other Options – Seth Allen (5700), Scottie Lindsey (4,300), Benny Parker (3600)



Zach LeDay (8,100) – LeDay makes an interesting option going up against Devin Williams in this game. LeDay has been really solid and has flashed mid 50’s fantasy point upside while basically showing a 33 point floor recently.  The big question is which side of the match-up is going to get into foul trouble.  I lean Williams as he commits a few more fouls than LeDay but it is an interesting thing to watch for.

Troy Williams (7,900) – Williams has gone for 39 and 39.5 fantasy points over the last two games and recently went for 54.75 points so it shows you how dangerous he can be.  He just always seems to go under-owned and is never the sexy pick but he just continues to work and put up points from a fantasy standpoint.

Robert Carter (7,100) – Carter put up 35.5 fantasy points the last time out and that is what we need for him to hit 5x value at his current price.  He has shown us 40+ point upside this season and has been far and away Maryland’s best big, which I did not expect with the addition of Diamond Stone.

Other Options – Devin Williams (8000), Brandon Taylor (7200), Thomas Bryant (6300)


Payton Banks (5,200) – Banks is coming off of a foul troubled game in which he put up 17.5 fantasy points after having gone for 30 and 28 in the two games prior to the last one.  Banks does not appear to offer us 35+ fantasy point upside however he seems to offer us a good shot at 20-30 fantasy points in what will be a tougher match-up.

Diamond Stone (5,100) – Stone seems to be settling in pretty well at this point and $5100 is just too cheap for what he is capable of doing.  He has gone for 30.25 fantasy points in 2 of his last 4 games and we actually get him at a $300 price drop for this game.  I think I am going to find a spot in most of my lineups for Stone and his 24-30 points.

Michael Finke (4,700) – I have been a big fan of Finke since Thorne went down and Finke has gone for 24.25, 24.75 and 22.75 fantasy points over his last 3 games which is basically where we need him to be to get us 5x value on his current price.  He did manage to go for 38 fantasy points earlier this season which would be a huge boost to your lineup if he does that again.

Greg Lewis (3,400) – Lewis is coming off of an unimpressive 10 fantasy point performance however he went for 39 and 24 fantasy points in the two previous games so Lewis is a big-time GPP option for today’s slate as he is capable of racking up big double-doubles, but he is also capable of getting us just a handful of points.

Other Options – Joey Van Zegeren (4400), Jonathan Laurent (4300), Roschon Prince (4000), Kerry Blackshear Jr. (4000)