We are halfway through the work week as it is already Wednesday!  We get a small 4 game slate tonight which can be tricky to figure out, however this one is going to be pretty exciting as we have games with totals of 141, 152, 153 and 165.  West Virginia, USC and SMU are all projected to put up over 80 tonight so there could be plenty of scoring out there.  If you guys happen to have any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter!  (@Razzle11Grinds)




Craig Bradshaw ($8,200) – I’ve written about Bradshaw every slate that Belmont has been a part of and he has yet to go nuts in any game.  We saw Bradshaw go off last season almost repeatedly and I am wondering if we just expect him to be better than he is?  I am going back to the well one last time as this game has a 152 point total and it is expected to be extremely close.  I think I am going to go out on a limb and say that Bradshaw goes for 42+ fantasy points in this game.

Quinton Chievous ($8,000) – Chievous has missed a few games this season however he is one of a handful of NCAA players to have gone for 63+ fantasy points in a game.  SMU is expected to win this one rather easily and they might, however early on I think it could be a close game as SMU just played last night.  Chievous has ridiculous rebounding numbers and could be a sneaky stud to have in your GPP lineups.

Jordan McLaughlin ($7,400) – If Julian Jacobs misses this game then I will be all over McLaughlin as he would step into the go-to scorer role for USC.  Jacobs missed the last game and McLaughlin went for 31.75 fantasy points and has shown us 41+ fantasy point upside so far this season.  USC is expected to be the second highest scoring team of the night and you will definitely want some piece of their team.

Giddy Potts ($7,100) – Potts has put up 71.75 fantasy points over his last two games and offers an impressive game from his G position.  He had a monster 14 rebound game just two games ago.  I think the main reason I have him listed here instead of in the other options is his name.  How can you go against a guy named Giddy Potts?  Yeah, I can’t find a reason either.

Other Options – David Nwaba ($7,300), Reginald Johnson ($7,200), Jevon Carter ($7,200), Stevie Browning ($6,900)


Jaysean Paige ($5,200) – I love the upside that Paige offers as he has gone for 35+ already this season, however the thing that scares me is the lack of minutes.  He generally plays about 17-19 minutes which definitely limits his upside.  When he does take the court it is all action for Paige as he is capable of racking up fantasy points in a hurry.

Perrin Buford ($5,200) – Buford offers us 30 fantasy point upside which doesn’t seem overly impressive, however the big thing is the fact that he gets solid minutes and seems to offers us a floor around 20 points which is definitely a nice thing as 20 points would basically be 4x return and that would not destroy your GPP lineup.

Austin Loop ($4,800) – Loop has put up 71.25 fantasy points over his last two games and will look to keep that going in a game with a 165 point total.  WVU plays a pretty tough style of defense, however I think this Marshall team is good enough to put up points against them.  I do expect WVU to pull away late in the game and win by double digits.  Loop can get hot from deep and against a press, he could find himself in some fast break situations where he is wide open on the wings.

Jon Elmore ($3,800) – I debated each of the guys in the other sections for this spot however I felt like Elmore was an interesting option as he recently became eligible and stepped into a starters roll.  He only played 18 minutes in game one but managed to put up 14.5 fantasy points.  I would expect his minutes to reach 22 or so in this game which may have us see a 17 fantasy point game with the upside of a 22-24 fantasy point game.

Other Options – C.J. Burks ($4,800), Brian Darden ($4,600), Dylan Windler ($3,500)




Devin Williams ($8,300) – Speaking of Williams, he offers about the same kind of upside however he is not somebody that has to take completely control of a game.  We have seen Williams put up monster 25 and 15 double-doubles in the past and he certainly could come to play in this game tonight.  WVU is expected to put up the most points on the night.

James Kelly ($8,300) – Kelly offers us 50+ fantasy point upside while being a beast on the glass and continually putting up big time double-doubles.  The match-up is somewhat difficult as he is going to have to take on Devin Williams on the inside.  I think Kelly is in a better spot than Williams is in terms of fantasy as WVU has a number of guys who can take over a game on the offensive end.

Evan Bradds ($8,100) – I think Bradds is my favorite play overall of the night as he seems to have taken over for Bradshaw as the man for Belmont.  He offers us 50+ fantasy point upside while offering us a pretty high floor as he has gone for 34+ fantasy points in 3 of his last 4 games.  This game is expected to be extremely close which always gives us a small shot at some overtime action.

Ryan Taylor ($7,900) – Taylor has been really solid this year and kind of flies under the radar as Kelly gets the headlines, but Taylor was solid last season and he has picked that up and carried it into this season.  Taylor has just 1 game under 29 fantasy points over his last 9 games and has a high of 44.25 over that span.

Other Options – Reggie Upshaw ($7,600), Jordan Tolbert ($6,800), Ben Moore ($6,400), Darnell Harris ($6,000)


Jervon Pressley ($5,100) – Pressely offers us 35 fantasy point upside at just $5.1K which is a great thing to get for your GPP lineups.  Pressley is a pretty solid rebounder and while he has generally been off from the field, he is willing to put up double digit shots.  Should he hit 5 or 6 shots you could be looking at a 30+ fantasy point performance from Pressley.

Dionte Adams ($4,700) – Adams is somebody that does not have to score actual game points in order to get you 20+ fantasy points and that is a beautiful thing as he is able to pick up stats in multiple categories.  Hampton seems to have a lot of guys that are under priced so you are going to have to pick who you think is in the best spot against SMU.

Luke Meikle ($4,600) – I wrote about Meikle in their last game and I am going back to the well as he responded with a 26 fantasy point performance.  We get him at a $300 price increase, however I think he has been playing way too well to ignore.  He has scored 13+ game points in 4 straight games and I think he makes it 5 straight tonight.

Other Options – Brian Bennett ($4,300), Mack Mercer ($4,300)