I hope everybody had a great weekend and enjoyed some really good college basketball games as we get closer and closer to conference play! Tonight we have a 4 game slate that offers a couple of teams that we have gotten to use recently while not offering any big time programs to utilize. Night’s like this you really have to trust your research! Let’s take a look at some of the guys we should be targeting tonight!




Dallas Moore ($8,700) – I would say that Moore is probably a top 3 play on this slate as he offers us 50 fantasy point upside while playing in a game with an over/under of 149, which is the second highest of the 4 games.  Moore and North Florida are projected to score the most points of the night as they are set at roughly 81 points.  Moore certainly is expensive however I think this game’s total makes him worth it.

Mike Brown ($7,800) – Brown is the best player on a WCU team that plays in the game with the highest total while being the favorite to win tonight.  He offers us 50 fantasy point upside at $900 less than Moore.  He has gone for 82 fantasy points over his last 2 and EWU is terrible on the defensive end.

Beau Beech ($7,000) – I think Beech could be over looked as some will go with Moore from NFLA instead of him.  I think that could be a mistake as Beech had a 55 fantasy point game recently and people will see his 17 minutes played in the last game and look away.  Beech struggled with fouls and ended up fouling out in that contest.

Other Options – Joe Rahon ($7,600), David Nwaba ($7,500), Austin McBroom ($7,100)


Elijah Wilson ($5,800) – Wilson is playing big minutes and has 45 fantasy point upside, however he offers us a lower floor as he has been as low as 11.5 fantasy points over his last 9 games.  The one thing that is scary is the fact that he does not do much outside of scoring.  He is willing to fire up double digit shots from three, which is always a nice thing if he makes his first few.

Reese Morgan ($4,800) – Morgan has put up 69 fantasy points over his last 3 games while also having a 32 point game earlier this season.  If Morgan were more expensive I would probably not be interested as Cal Poly has the second lowest team total of the night, however at just $4.8K I can not ignore how well he has been playing.

Aaron Bodager ($3,400) – Bodager has put up 62.25 fantasy points over his last three games while averaging 25 minutes of action.  With North Florida expected to win this one pretty easily, I would think that Bodager has a shot at 28 minutes or so in this game as he is coming off of a 27.75 fantasy point performance.

Other Options – Fletcher Magee ($4,600), Taylor Sutlive ($4,600), Eric Nottage ($4,200)




Adrian Diaz ($9,000) – Diaz is the top option of the night, but you are going to have to pay for him as $9K is not cheap.  He is basically FIU’s offense and they are going to need him to continue his strong play in order to have a shot in this one.  One huge thing that stands out to me is the fact that Diaz is a ridiculously good shot blocker while NFLA is one of the best teams in the nation to block shots against as they have roughly 12% of their shots turned away.

Venky Jois ($7,700) – I still absolutely love the name Venky Jois and even though he let me down in their last game against Pittsburgh, I think he is in for a HUGE game tonight against WCU as the game has the highest game total.  Jois has 50+ fantasy point upside while being priced below guys we normally see with this upside.

Demarcus Daniels ($6,200) – Daniels has gone for 30+ fantasy points in 3 of his last 4 games and is coming off of a 35.25 fantasy point performance.  He has very active hands which leads to a handful of blocks and steals on the defensive end.  I am a little bit worried about him struggling against Diaz however I could also see him outplaying Diaz.  If you are making multiple GPP lineups, I would suggest using each in their own lineup.

Other Options – Chris Davenport ($7,300), Joel Awich ($6,200)


Dane Pineau ($5,700) – Pineau’s fantasy point performances have gone from 25.75 to 26 to 33.25 over his last games while his minutes have gone from 21 to 23 to 32 in those games.  He is playing extremely well and should continue to solidify minutes for himself.  He is a high volume rebounder and should be able to clean up on the glass in this one.

Marcus Freeman ($4,300) – This game has the lowest total however Freeman is a high point/minute player and offers us 30+ fantasy point upside at just $4.3K.  He has put up 42.5 fantasy points in his last two games and is a big time rebounding piece for CC.

Luke Meikle ($4,300) – Meikle has averaged 15 game points per game over his last 3 and that has lead to him putting up a total of 63 fantasy points in those 3 games.  He does manage to grab a few rebounds while putting up double digit shot attempts.  He has been capable of getting to the foul line a handful of times as well which is always a bonus at this price point.

Other Options – Tristian Curtis ($4,100), Evan Fitzner ($3,900), Cameron Smith ($3,400), Marc Gosselin ($3,000)