Friday, December 11th is upon us and we have an interesting little 4 game slate to work with as we get to experience a few teams we generally would never see during the regular season!  The games have over/under projections from 136 to 150 points so the games should offer us some solid fantasy performances.  Let’s take a look at a few of the guys we should be targeting this evening.




Quinton Hooker ($7,800) – Not only does Hooker have an excellent name, but he has an excellent game for a small-school stud and should fight with Michael Young to be the night’s top overall option.  I think I lead towards Young as that game has the higher over/under, however Young certainly has more dangerous teammates.  Hooker offers us 50 fantasy point upside at the price of somebody who should be around the 40-44 fantasy point upside.

Paul Miller ($7,300) – Miller does not have huge upside, however he is extremely safe and is a virtual lock to put up 30-35 fantasy points.  He is not afraid to fire up 8+ shots from beyond the arc and if he catches fire, the points could come in a hurry.  Miller does offer us double-double upside.

Austin McBroom ($7,100) – I have been hoping we would get a chance to use some of the Eastern Washington players and my hopes have come true as this team plays very little defense and they love to put up shots.  McBroom generally does not leave the court and puts up double digit shots every game and some games he approaches 20 shot attempts.  This game has the highest over/under of the night and should offer us a lot of fantasy goodness.  Plug and play McBroom, don’t ask questions.

Other Options – James Robinson ($6,700), Trayvon Palmer ($5,800)


Elliot Cole ($5,500) – Cole offers us 40 fantasy point upside with what seems to be a 20 point floor and that is always a valuable thing at just 5.5K.  He has gone for 23+ fantasy points in 5 straight and 7 of 9 games this season.  He has also gone for 31+ in 3 of those games.  I would not be shocked if he managed to fire up 10+ three attempts in this game either.

Kieran Woods ($4,600) – Woods is definitely a GPP play as we have to find out why his minutes have disappeared over the last two.  I do know he has had some foul trouble and I hope that is the ONLY reason as prior to the last two, Woods had 5 games at 33+ fantasy points.  Make sure to pay attention to see if we can find any news on Woods leading up to lock.

Other Options – Jawad Adekoya ($4,400), Corey Baldwin ($4,400), Sir Washington ($3,600)




Michael Young ($7,900) – Young didn’t play a ton in the last game for Pitt but prior to that he had gone for 32+ fantasy points in every game this season.  I expect him to get back to that number as this game has the highest over/under.  Young has been outplaying his teammate, Artis, this season which has really caught me off guard but I want to ride the hot hand.

Venky Jois ($7,600) – Love the name and absolutely love the game!  Jois was one of my fixtures last year at the end of the season when they were on the slate as he offers us huge upside.  Jois is coming off of a 48.5 fantasy point performance his last time out and offers us 50+ point upside.  EWU is going to need Jois to come to play to have a shot in this one.

Bogdan Bliznyuk ($6,600) – If you haven’t noticed, I really love me some EWU players even when they are a huge underdog.  Bliznyuk offers us 50 fantasy point upside at a fraction of the cost of the top players on the slate.  He also offers us a pretty solid floor in the 27 fantasy point range which is always a nice thing.

Other Options – Alec Peters ($7,600), Karviar Shepherd ($5,700)


Drick Bernstine ($4,800) – Bernstine offers us 30 fantasy point upside at just 4.8K and that is something I will look to take advantage of every single night of the week.  He does have a lower floor as he has disappeared in some games, however I think he should be safe for around 20 fantasy points.

Admassu Williams ($4,700) – Williams is a huge foul risk, however he offers us 40 fantasy point upside at just 4.7K and that is something I can not ignore when it comes to GPPs.  He still generally manages to play 30+ minutes even with his high foul rate so that tells me the coaches trust him when he is out there.  PVAM has the second lowest team total of the night, however Williams’ price tag is too cheap to ignore.

Other Options – Zachary Hamilton ($3,800), JD Miller ($3,500), Conner Avants ($3,400)