Today’s CBB Targets break down the college basketball slate we have with a look at the studs, sleepers, and mid-range players you want to have  in your lineups.

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Game Analysis

We have an 11 game slate for CBB tonight and some interesting match ups to target. The LSU/Auburn game has a 4 point spread and a total of 152. Both teams should be in the 70s in this one and guys are useable on both sides. The North Carolina/North Carolina St. battle is expected to be very high scoring as well with UNC reaching 80 and NC St. projected to finish in the 70s. Depaul and Creighton is slated to be a 70/69 type of game and should provide some sneaky value. Villanova, Arkansas, and Notre Dame are all projected for about 75 points as well, but those three have higher spreads and some blow out risk in them. If any of those three blow the game open early it could mean decreased minutes for the stars, so just keep that in mind. Here’s a few guys I am looking at for tonight.




* Daniel House, Texas A+M, ($7400) – House has been on fire lately against some tough SEC opponents. He lit up the nets against LSU for 33.75 DK points and followed it up by racking up 37.5 against South Carolina last out. He has hit 14 3-pointers on 26 attempts over his last four games and that is very nice when you consider the DK bonus with it. He has played upwards of 31 minutes in every game recently and is one of the top scorers for the Aggies. He’s taken double digit shot attempts in nine of his last ten and more than half of those were from behind the arc. In a game expected to be face paced and high scoring I can see him shaking loose in transition for a few long range daggers. He’s gonna need to in order to keep his team in this one.


* Antoine Mason, Auburn ($6100) – This is expected to be a high scoring game and the senior guard has been on fire recently. What I really like here is his shot attempts have ticked up to over 14 a game in his last two and he has put up 60 DK points in the process. He has been deadly from long range hitting 9 of his last 12 attempts. What I love most about him today is I expect him to see 30+ minutes of action. In his last four games with that kind of playing time he has not failed to score under 24.5 DK points which would mean his floor off that is 4 points per $1000 of salary. He has gone for 37 and 40 over that stretch too, so his upside is 6 to 7 points per $1000 which would help you win a GPP. LSU is a tough team, but they play paced up. There’s going to be points scored here and Mason should get his one way or another. I do not think the 75% from behind the arc stays up there, but he does not need it to in order to make value.


* Devin Brooks, Creighton ($6000) – This one is a little riskier, so probably more of a GPP play. His price has risen dramatically in the last five games to go along with his increased minutes. The real reason for the price rise though is his outsized performances. He put up 38 Dk points four back and has averaged over 27 DK points and 28 minutes in his last four games. That makes him basically a point a minute guy which seems right given his contributions in every category across the board. They get a close paced up game tonight with DePaul and he should play just under 30 minutes. At his price anything over 24 DK points is gravy and he has gone 20% or more above his value threshold in three of his last four.



* Justin Jackson, UNC ($5200) – Jackson had a bad game two back against Duke and has seen his price slide back down. He had over 20 points in three of his last four and that would put him over four points per $1000 tonight. Other than that Duke game where he was wholly ineffective and played only 17 minutes, he has been playing 25-35 in every other contest. He does not have elite 40 point upside, but a consistent 20-25 points from a $5K player is useful in any line up today.





* Kennedy Meeks, UNC ($6800) – Many will be tempted to reach up for the LSU bigs or Bowers or Portis, but I just do not see those guys reaching value tonight with any certainty. One game I am very certain  will is Carolina and one player I am sure of lately is Kennedy Meeks. The Tarheel big man has been great. He is good for 6 or 7 rebounds if he sees 28-32 minutes and lately he has been more aggressive on the offensive end. He has back to back games with 18 points and double digit shot attempts so it seems like he is getting more looks when Carolina has to set up in their halfcourt offense. They are projected to have 81 points tonight and be the highest scoring team in a paced up game, so he could reach value on a slightly cheaper price point then some of the big studs.


* JP Tokoto, UNC ($6200) – Going back to the Tarheel well again here, but the upside on this price point is too good to ignore. Tokoto had fallen off the map for a few games, but has roared back recently and the price is slower to catch up. The uber athletic wing player is perfect for Roy Williams style as he can defend wings, rebound like a big, and run the floor like a guard. He is getting over thirty minutes a game again and his style fills up the stat sheet like few others can. Lines of 15points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists are not uncommon for him and at his price that’s five to six points per $1000 of cost. He is safe and has upside, thus making him my favorite play for GPP or Cash.



* Kourtney Roberson, Texas A+M ($5600) – The big guy for A+M has seen his minutes increase and his production follow suit in recent games. The Senior forward is averaging just under fifteen points and nine rebounds in his last three since seeing the minutes bump up close to 30 per game. At his price today, that is a solid five points per $1000 of cost. Arkansas has some studs down low for them, so the Aggies are going to need solid productive minutes from the bigs today to keep it close. I can see Roberson having an outsized return today on his salary even if he does not have a great game.