You can skip up and down that basketball video but the results remain the same. Swish Swish Swish for 5 straight minutes! Leah Church was a little disappointed since she was trying to break the world record of 136 3’s in 5 minutes. Pretty sure she’ll break it before she graduates High School next year though. Not even accepted to college yet and she already has a Chef Curry stroke…

Our other lil baller hasn’t even graduated MIDDLE SCHOOL yet doe! Just out there breaking sacks via cartwheel and running scramble plays that would make even Brett Favre blush. In fact he made the exact play I wish for everytime I tune into a football game. Broken tackle, roll out verticals, BOMBS AWAY. The 3 pointer’s are impressive no doubt, but until she actually breaks the record I’m giving this one to Mike Vick Jr. Generally anything that reminds me of NFL Blitz usually/always wins.


Blountstown Middle School STAND UP!




PS: Totally unrelated but related note… the ridiculous hitting of NFL Blitz reminded me of the greatest defender to ever not play in the NFL. Terry Tate wouldn’t have let that quarterback cartwheel in his grill I can promise you that..