PGA: Arnold Palmer Invitational-Final Round

The TOUR hits the final stop in Florida this weekend, at The Bay Hill Club & Lodge for the Arnold Palmer Invitational as one of a series of primer tournaments for the year’s first major, which is coming up fast. Some of the very best golfers in the world are here for this one, making it a bit of a top-heavy affair. If you grab one of those top guys, you had better hope you’ve chosen wisely. Good luck!


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The first thing you’re going to notice is the names: Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Bubba Watson, Jason Day, Adam Scott. Not only are these some of the best golfers in the world, they are the types of guys that it feels like you really only see as an option in DFS on occasion, and here they all are, at once.

It makes it even a stranger because the next-level guys – the Reeds, and Johnsons, and Mickelsons and Moores of the world are NOT here. This makes it seem like one of those top five has a really good chance of winning at all, and it makes you think you might see more than one of them in the top five, or all five of them in the top 15… and then you remember you can only afford one of them, and even that’s not easy. But this week, you’re going to want to make it work. Any one of those five are great choices in this field, but whenever you devote that large of a % of your salary cap to a single player, you REALLY don’t want to be wrong. So choose carefully.

With Tiger winning this tournament eight times since 2000 (yes, EIGHT), there haven’t been too many chances for anyone else, but this is a tournament where there will be fantasy points to be had. There aren’t too many spots where golfers will be in great danger of really blowing up a hole in a way that it actually impacts their overall tournament score too much, which means every year, you see a slew of golfers coming in at -7, -8, and even lower.

The most challenging thing about this event might just be the pressure of the competition as the players come down the stretch on Sunday. You want to make sure you’ve drafted the guys who will be able to keep producing those holes under par -those fantasy points – deep into the weekend, no matter that those birdie putts start meaning a whole lot more than what your fantasy score looks like.

The courses here certainly have their challenging moments, and there are enough bunkers right to have amateurs teeing off with images of a terrible slice dancing in their heads, and to make even the pros play a few of these holes a little on the safe side. But in general, the play this weekend will be open enough that long hitters will be rewarded with makable approaches, key on a course where the easiest approach paths will leave you with the toughest putting angles, by design.

No matter which strategy you employ to build your lineup, just know that there will be fantasy points being scored, so if you think you can find them picking from the mid-level options available to you… good luck.