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Draft for a live football game with DraftKings’ Flash Draft.

Flash Draft is a mobile-only DraftKings game style that lets you get in on the fantasy football action once a game has already kicked off. And of course, it’s another shot for you to win big cash prizes. With Flash Draft contest, you’re playing for a single quarter or the second half of NFL games. You can hop in a new contest every few minutes starting pre-game through the third quarter.

The X’s and O’s of Flash Draft
Drafts consist of five rounds. In each round, you’ll have 15 second to make a pick from three given options who you think will score the most fantasy points. Options can consist of a single player, a combination of two players, or a single player with an added multiplier. Possible multipliers are 1.5x fantasy points, 2x fantasy points, and 3x fantasy points. Unlike our salary-cap contests, there are no salaries to worry about in Flash Draft.

The scoring system is the same as DraftKings Classic NFL contests. Score big points in the quarter or half and you’ll make your way up the leaderboard. The higher you finish, the more cash you’ll win. Payouts are distributed as soon as possible once the game ends.

Watch the Game and React
Since most Flash Draft contests take place once the NFL game has already started, they truly let you show off your football smarts. Things you notice while you’re watching the games can be an advantage as you’re drafting your lineup. This adds excitement to every single second of the game.

Keep an eye out for Flash Draft Contests on game day.
DraftKings runs Flash Draft contests alongside every featured NFL Showdown game. You can enter more than one at a time too! Check the lobby in your DraftKings app on game day to get in on the action.