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What are Experience Points (XP)?
Experience Points (XP) are awarded to you for every contest entry you make on DraftKings. The amount of XP your account earns determines your account’s level.
What are Levels?
Your level is based on how much XP you have earned in DraftKings. Levels are an easy way to show off how much you have played on DraftKings. Every ten levels you’ll earn a new badge to showcase your level.
What is a level badge?
As you earn levels, you’ll see the badge around your level change. You’ll have a plain white badge from levels 1-9, but starting at level 10 you’ll begin earning all-new badges for your account. When you reach levels 10, 20, 30, and so on, your badge will automatically update on your profile, with players reaching levels 80 and 90 earning the most exclusive badges!
How do I earn the most XP from my entries?
The amount of XP you earn for each entry is defined by our XP formula. That formula takes into consideration the size of the contest you entered, the entry fee for the contest, your entry’s placement in the contest, and any promotional bonuses that may be applied. You’ll always earn some XP for your entries, but to earn the most XP you may enter into larger contests, enter into contests with larger entry fees, and place as high as possible with your entries. The most important factor is how well you do in a contest, so be sure to draft the best lineups you can!

NOTE: If you are playing on our website, you may not see XP displayed on your results screen. Your contests will still provide XP, but may not show the amount on the website. You may view your XP and the level you earned through your profile page on our website, or on your profile in our iOS and Android apps.
Did I earn XP for my entries that I entered prior to XP and Levels going live?
Yes! When you log in after XP and Levels go live, you will find that your account is already credited with the XP and Level you would have earned if this system had been running from the start of DraftKings.
When do I earn XP from my contest entries?
Since we take into consideration your placement in a contest, XP is calculated after a contest officially ends. XP is calculated automatically, and will be applied whether you are online for the contest ending or not.

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