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MLB 2020 Schedule

It was agreed that MLB would come back and play a 60-game regular season that would begin on July 23. Four teams would take part in the Opening Day 2.0 with the Yankees at Nationals and the Giants at Dodgers. For these games and the regular season to take place, a number of new protocols were implemented to ensure the safety of players and personnel alike.

Players were to report to camps on July 1. Upon arrival, players have and will undergo COVID-19 testing and be allowed to join their team pending a negative result. Testing will continue every other day all throughout the regular season and postseason. Should a player test positive, they’ll be required to quarantine and unable to return until they return two test results that are negative on two separate occasions. Players will also receive temperature checks twice per day to ensure the highest level of attention to any illness symptoms.

While the NBA and NHL have implemented hub cities to play in, MLB will have teams travel to different stadiums to play at but with a catch. Unlike a normal regular season, teams will only play in their division and region. For example, the American League East will only play teams in their division as well as the National League East since they all reside in the same region. Each team will play the teams in their division 10 times with the remaining games against their regional opponents. This measure ensures that teams will travel as little as possible while also still keeping the schedule fresh for viewers. All teams will continue to play in their respective venues while fans will not be in attendance.

Once the 60-game regular season is complete on September 27, playoffs will look very similar to what you’re used to. Five teams from each league will play as usual, with three teams from each division and two wild card teams. The proposed expansion from 10 to 16 teams has been one the table but was not enacted for this shortened season. Exact dates for the MLB playoffs have yet to be released but are expected to be announced shortly after the regular season begins.